December 9

Webpage draft 1 Feedback

Above is the feedback for our webpage

  • Cetrtain elements of the webpage could be reduced. For example on the news and photos page the carousel of photos is really good, however futher down there are more images that are pointless.
  • Make the link more obvious things such as tour dates as it was not obvious that if you click them it takes you a landing page where you can purchase them.
  • The merchandise page is really good, the compass is used effectively and creates a brand for the star.
  • The homepage looks to bear. It would help to add in the compass logo to the homepage as well to further establish this brand.
  • Would be useful to add a call to action in the eye line of the hero shot for example having tour dates.
  • On the lyrics page not all the songs have been linked correctly so that needs finishing.
  • Overall the design is really good, very reflective of the album.
  • Ensure the fonts are the same throughout.

Getting the feedback for our website was really useful as it has helped us to identify some issues that we did not know were there. Also having someone view it with a fresh pair of eyes has made it so we can fix any some major problems that we would not think of as the designers, for example, the links on the tour dates. We did not realise they were not obvious as we created them. Now we have recieved this feedback we are able to make some corrections to further develop our work.

November 7

Flowchart and preferred template

Click to view PDF

Above shows the template that we are going to follow for our website. In doing this task it will help us to create a template for our website and ensure that our website follows a clear structure and doesn’t look disorderly. Me and my partner created this template after researching various musicians websites and were able to get a good idea of what an artist website includes and how they are structured.

In addition to having the basic structure for our music video we have added in other important aspects of what our website needs to include such as the navigation area and the hero shot. Now we have done this task me and my partner feel confident to begin the production of our website as we have a good structure to follow.

October 15

Web Page Conventions

Above is a Screencastify of an analysis of Marina and the Diamonds website. In this analysis we considered aspects such as the different conventions, user experience and the design of the website. This in-depth analysis will be crucial in creating our webpage as it has given us a better idea of how design and layout affect the audiences desire to visit the website and watch their videos. This task gives us more confidence in going ahead with the creation of our webpage.