September 19

Our mission statement

Mission Statement 

Olas records is a brand focusing on unity and diversity. Our stars are fun, free and energetic – exactly what you’ve been looking for. We produce real music, fighting against the mainstream music of this millenium. Olas specialises in the indie genre of music and aim to bring you originality and individualism in each and every song we produce.

Above is our mission statement that we created for our digipak in order to convey our brand. When creating our mission statement we had to consider various aspects such as who are audience are, call to action, who the competition are and a unique selling point.


Using YouGov we were able to research who our typical audience members are by searching a similar artist in the genre. We found that our typical member is female age 18-24 years old and they typically tend to live in cities such a London and Brighton. Their political view tend to be left wing and work in creative industries such as fashion and entertainment. As well as looking at the typical demographic of our star we were able to get a better look at their psychographic.

Our audience favourite films tend to be drama movies such as a Clockwork Orange and Trainspotting. They also tend to favour Tv shows shows like the Undateables and Great British bake off. Finally they like music like Florence an the Machine, Halsey and Hozier.

A Call to Action

We would like our audience to be able to look at our digipak and immediately be able to identify with it and know it is the type of music they are into. This is important otherwise our audience will not be interested in our digipak. Therefore in order to convey the right genre to our target audience we need to ensure we do the research into the different elements which are considered conventional to our genre. In addition to this we would want the to be wanting to attend concerts and buy merchandise of the artist, we’d want them to participate online but looking at the artists website and following them on social media. The publicity of the artist is extremely important.

Who are the competition 

The competition my artist faces are from other artist in that genre, this includes singers such as Halsey, Lana Del Rey and Clara Mae. When researching these artist we thought that it would be beneficial to look at there previous digipaks and what there websites look like.  Therefore we would be able to identify the similarities these artists websites have and get a better idea of what is considered conventional.  In addition to this it gives us an idea of how to make our digipak and website more unique.

UPS (unique selling point) 

Our star is trying to become established in a new market – Our star is fun, free and relatable – we want her album to feature a warm colour scheme in order to create a feeling of openness for our audience – we want them to feel that she is approachable and her music is directly addressed to her fanbase.

Our song fits into the indie-pop genre so we will be mixing aspects of the indie genre with some aspects of the pop genre when designing our digipak – for example, we may have quite bohemian styled images using the bright colour scheme of pop and using pop styled fonts.

We’re not trying to re-brand our star – she has always been an indie-pop artist and we intend to keep it this way – we have also always tried to maintain her appearance & attitude as an approachable, relatable star.

With our star we are putting emphasis on the ordinary – we want her to portray girl-next-door with an edge vibes and we do not want her to seem manufactured and false. Our star will be represented as compassionate, easy-going and real.

There will be aspects of the extraordinary as she is a artist seeking fame, however; we feel like it may deteriorate the quality of our work if we steer too far away from the ordinary element because the genre of indie-pop generally has stars who are quite relatable and who seem ordinary – they generally do not have false, manufactured ‘pop princesses’.


June 11

Production skills evaluation 1

Through working on the second draft of our music video I have acquired a new set of skills on premier pro. Before we started the music video I had very little experience on premier pro and the only skill I knew was how to cut videos and put them together, other than that I had no knowledge of how to do anything else. Whilst editing draft 2 of our music video we knew we would have to experiment with the different feature premiere pro offers, otherwise our music video would not demonstrate much skill at all.


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One of the skill I now have is how to manipulate the speed duration of a music video, through this you are able to either speed up or slow down a video. This helped give a sense of drama to our clips, for example we slowed down the waves crashing on the beach as they were used as a contextual reference of how the star is feeling.

When we were experimenting with different speeds we noticed that there was an option for reverse speed, we added this in order to show the manic emotions of the star as it helps to convey how she is sort of stuck in the past. Above shows how we were able to achieve this.

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Due to glitch in the software a flash that was in one of our clips would not successfully transfer to our main video. This led to us having to create our own flash through premiere pro, to do this we had to create another shot on premiere pro which is essentially just a block of white and layer it over the main clip and cut it down to the length we wanted. It was important for us to remember to layer it over the clip so they did not appear as to individual scenes.  Above shows how this was done.


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When we would drag some of the clips down to put them together some of the videos would appear smaller than the previous video, in order to make it bigger we learnt that we had to double on the video on the left hand side and simply pull up on one the corners to enlarge the clip.