January 30

So… How did it go?

Throughout this experience I have learnt a load of new skills software such as indesign and Photoshop; I previously had no experience on either network. As well as requiring new skills that are specifically exclusive to media studies I have also learnt other IT skills that are applicable to other subjects.

The production of my music magazine has taught me how I am able to attract my desired audience a variety of way such as mise-en-scene and camera angles. I now know the importance of how every aspect of a photo works together to convey a certain narrative.

When it came time to start using both InDesign and Photoshop I had to experiment with different fonts, colour schemes and layouts. I had to ensure that all of these aspects were working in a way to portray my chosen genre.

The feedback I have received throughout making my magazine has been very important as it has helped me to develop my magazine for the better as well as further develop my skill set. I have realised that getting feedback is essential in improving you magazine as sometimes you are not able to spot a typo or whether it is all aligned.

Overall I am really happy with how my music magazine turned out. I have worked hard, listened to feedback and done research into my genre. I believe my final product conveys my brand well.


December 16

So…How is it going?

The designing of my magazine so far is going well. I believe that I have reflected my genre through various aspects such as colour scheme for example due to my genre being alternative rock I have made sure that I have used bold colours such as white, black and red these colours help convey a strong, serious message. However I did not overuse colours such as black and red as they can be quite overpowering and  did not want to distract from key aspects of my magazine.

I have also demonstrated my genre well with the mise-en-scene of my images this is conveyed through the costume and make up of my main cover star; my main cover star has dark bold make up giving her an unapproachable vibe, also the costume of my main cover star is a simple white t-shirt and an oversized flannel shirt, this makes her seem relatable.

Also, the insets I have used are relevant to my genre, they are about music and what festivals you can attend, I ensure I included insets that would intrigue my audience. Making sure your magazine shows continuity is important, to ensure I did this I kept the same fonts and colour scheme. This is important as had I suddenly changed this the brand that I am trying to convey would have been lost.

Overall I believe the designing of my magazine is going really well, however I have ran into issues such as how I can structure the column on my double page spread but with a bit of experimenting with different layouts the problem can be easily resolved.


December 16

Design skills 2

Click on images to view enlarged version.

Throughout media I have acquired loads of new skills on both InDesign and Photoshop, mostly during the time I have been designing my music magazine. Some of the skills I have learnt are more basic however throughout the time I have been doing media studies my capability on these pieces of software have become more advanced.

Development shown from left to right.

On my previous design skills post I had demonstrated how I had learnt how to cut out an image however I still had one big problem. The wand tool would sometimes not be able to recognise the difference between the background and the star image, in order to fix this I would take the eraser tool and trace along the edge of my model to show a clear separation between the model and the background. This has helped my work greatly as if I had not learnt this skill I would have not been able to use the photo I have chosen for my double page spread.

One of the skills that I have learnt on InDesign is editing the transparency of my writing, I learnt this by experimenting with different effects. This helps improve my double page spread as it links well with my article. Giving it this effect, gives it a street vibe and contributes to the overall narrative.


Finally I have learnt how to edit my writing, For example how to give my writing a different colour outline, As you can see the numbers on my contents page have a black inside but a red outline. Had I just made the numbering entirely red it would have been overpowering, however had I made the numbering entirely white like the other writing it would make my contents page appear disorganised.


December 16

Design skills 1

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Development from left to right.

Since starting production of my music magazine I have acquired many new skills on both InDesign and Photoshop. For example on InDesign I have learnt how to add a drop shadow on aspects such as my photos and writing. Although this would seem insignificant it has impacted my work greatly as it helps draw attention to the writing or the photo I need to stand out rather than blending into the background.

As well as acquiring new skills on InDesign I have learnt new skills in Photoshop. Before starting media studies I had little to no experience with Photoshop and have now gained a variety of basic skills as well as some more complex one. The most useful skill I have learnt in Photoshop is also one of the most basic, this was learning how to cut out my star image from the background, this was a very useful skill as I am now able to export my images onto InDesign.


One of the more complex skill that I have learnt on Photoshop is how to edit the colouring of my photos. This skill is very useful as it can help to convey the narrative I want my music magazine to have. For example if I wanted the photo to appear more warm and inviting I could adjust the colour levels to a yellow/orange tint. However if wanted the model to appear more cold and cut-off I would make it so there in a blue/ purple tint. The colouring of the photo contributes to the overall narrative as it helps convey certain moods that may be associated with a certain genre. For example rock is supposed to be angry.

November 13

So… I am ready to photograph my star

I am now prepared enough to photograph my model. For  my front cover image I will stick to a mid shot, this will mean the main focus will me on my main cover stars face and I can ensure that they portray the right type of vibe my magazine is trying to convey. The lighting will be warm giving the main cover star a serious look.

I will also make it so my main cover star has striking make up, such as red eye-shadow; the connotation of red is anger. Rock music is angry and full of passion and with the make up and facial expression of my model I will be able to clearly highlight the rage I want the to show.  Also taking these images will give me a chance to use my knowledge of mise-en-scene and demonstrate my understanding of how I can apply it to my music genre.

October 30

So…I’m ready to make some media

When I’m making my own magazine, I will first need to consider my target audience. Knowing who my target audience is will help me design the in a way that appeals most to my reader also it will influence me in my choice of fonts, colours and images. I will also need to consider what genre I want the magazine the to portray, I can do this by considering what camera angles and settings I use.

I can make my magazine appear desirable to my target audience trough mise-en-scene, page layout and using different camera techniques. Through mise-en-scene I can make sure the picture shows off the intended genre. For example, I will need to pick a costume that is fitted to the genre of my magazine. If I was to do a hard rock magazine my model would be wearing lots of dark leather to give the model that angry intimidating vibe. Another key aspect I should consider is body language and facial expression. If I was doing a hard rock magazine my model would look serious and have a strong pose.

The layout of my magazine is also another important aspect to consider. I need to consider where my audience will be looking most of the time, I can do this by using my knowledge of the rule of thirds, also, I can position the model in a way where they are look directly at the main headline. I also need to remember that blank space can be effective.