Question 4: So… How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?

This is my Piktochart on how I integrated technologies into this project.




These are some of the adverts which I am considering to use for my magazine.

This advert would be suitable for my magazine as my target audience are woman who are mainly millennials, Pretty Little Thing is a company which sells fashionable and affordable clothes for woman, therefore this is a brand which would be suitable for the audience of my magazine.

This would be a suitable advert to my magazine as Yves Saint Laurent is a popular perfume brand which is targeted at woman, mainly younger woman. It is a brand which would attract my audience. The model for the advert Dua Lipa would also attract my audience as she is a woman in pop and they would recognise her.

So… How is it going?

Transferable Skills

I have learnt many transferable skills which have helped me throughout the production and post production of my magazine.

Research- Research has helped me when choosing my adverts, it has helped me understand which adverts would interest my target audience and therefore be suitable for my magazine. Research is a key transferable skill as you it is key in creating any type of media to have done background research on your target audience.

Communication- Communication has helped me when listening and responding to feedback, by listening to the feedback and adapting and improving my magazine it had assisted my communication skills by me listening to other peoples view points and improving my work.

Organisational– Being organised and keeping updated has really helped me through production and post production of my magazine, by prioritising the most important and most urgent work to do it has helped me keep updated with the necessary deadlines for my magazine.

Design Skills 2

I have learnt and used many more design skills through my production process.

Some of the tools I have used through Indesign and Photoshop are:

Curves tool

I found the curves tool very useful when editing my photos in Photoshop it allows you to adapt the colouring and brightness of the image which can make the image look more appealing and make the star stand out as this is essential in a magazine.

Eyedropper tool

I found the eyedropper tool very useful when editing my magazine it enabled me to find colours and the codes of them to ensure the magazines colours blend well together and compliment each other.

Image adjustments

I found the image adjustments tool very useful when editing the colouring of my image, it allows to to edit the vibrancy, exposure and colour balance in your image. By using this and the magic lasso tool you can adapt certain parts of your images colours.


Overall, these tools helped me edit my image and my magazine in order to effect my image and make my star look perfect which is essential, the tools allowed me to complete my designs and be certain that the correct narrative and genre is shown through my magazine. I think post productions is essential when creating the star image because all the visuals of my magazine effect the overall appearance of my star image the colour scheme, fonts and added effects all affect my overall star image.

Draft of Content Page

This is the draft of my contents page.

I have included images of both my magazine stars, I have made it clear that it is a contents page and I have included the pages and headlines of what is on each page.


My targets would be

  • Create more pages so my magazine is longer than it is.
  • Make my images stand out more by editing them and adjusting them in photoshop.
  • Making the text more by including something such as bullet points or underlines.