These are some of the adverts which I am considering to use for my magazine.

This advert would be suitable for my magazine as my target audience are woman who are mainly millennials, Pretty Little Thing is a company which sells fashionable and affordable clothes for woman, therefore this is a brand which would be suitable for the audience of my magazine.

This would be a suitable advert to my magazine as Yves Saint Laurent is a popular perfume brand which is targeted at woman, mainly younger woman. It is a brand which would attract my audience. The model for the advert Dua Lipa would also attract my audience as she is a woman in pop and they would recognise her.

Draft of Content Page

This is the draft of my contents page.

I have included images of both my magazine stars, I have made it clear that it is a contents page and I have included the pages and headlines of what is on each page.


My targets would be

  • Create more pages so my magazine is longer than it is.
  • Make my images stand out more by editing them and adjusting them in photoshop.
  • Making the text more by including something such as bullet points or underlines.

What is a Contents Page?

This is my hand drawn layouts of the layouts that I am considering for my contents page.

I have also written some ideas for catchy headlines of my magazine. Such as ‘Valentina’s heated feud’ this will entice people to read more about it and find out what happened. ‘Hot new music’ because everyone loves finding good new music. It will also include other things such as new albums, newly recognised artists and then also many features.

A New Improved DPS

This is my new and improved double page spread, I have added some red into some of the text in the ‘V’ of Valentina’s name, in ‘reveals all’ and I have also added red on the drop capitals, I chose red because the colour red, black and white are very conventional for a magazine and the overall look of the double page spread looks glamorous and sophisticated which is what Glossy magazine wants to portray. I have added a stand first and edited some of the fonts. Overall I think it has really impacted the over all look and I am pleased with my double page spread so far.

Draft of The Double Page Spread

This is my draft of my double page spread,.

A double page spread should contain:

  • An image which will go across the double pages or be on one page and the writing on another.
  • A stand first which is an introduction to the article.
  • Drop capitals which is were at the start of the paragraph the first letter is much bigger than the others.
  • Quotes these can be used to break up the text or work as a headline.
  • Headline
  • The by line which is who the article is by.
  • Columns
  • Page numbers

Second Shoot Contact Sheet(s)

These are the contact sheets for my double page spread. I am really pleased with how the shoot went and I feel like I worked with the location well to suit my genre. I am really pleased with the look of my model and I am considering using one of the photos from this shoot for my front cover.

Favourite Images

These are some of my favourite images which are strong contenders for my double page spread.



A New Improved Feature Article

Valentina discusses her heated feud with best friend Madelyn. 

Pop singer Valentina Rose deals with her breakup, heartache and the ultimate betrayals after splitting from her ex boyfriend at the start of the year and her best friend betraying her just 2 weeks later. 

Glossy magazine asked Valentina her most personal questions to get into the juicy gossip which everyone is dying to know about and understand what actually went down and caused one of the most talked about feud. 

What actually happened between you and Madelyn, what caused the heated row?

Me and Madelyn were best friends for 7 years, we got on like sisters and did everything together, however when I split from my ex boyfriend we went out to the club to take my mind off things and to my surprise my ex boyfriend was there! That was awkward enough, however I then saw some of my friends and went to get a drink and catch up. When I was ready to leave the club I text Madelyn and asked if we were ready to get a taxi I didn’t get a response so I began to look for her then found her and my ex boyfriend in a booth in the club kissing! As you can imagine I was already going through heartache but that was the most horrible thing I could have imagined to see. 

Have you spoken to Madeline since the argument and do you think you could ever be the same as you two used to be?

Madelyn and I have spoken since our argument, she is very apologetic and she says she was extremely drunk and regrets it. Obviously it isn’t an excuse but I can tell she really regrets it and it was very out of character for her. In the argument Madelyn got annoyed at me finding her and my ex and me being mad about it and said she wasn’t doing anything wrong which led to me becoming very upset and angry which led to us having a huge argument. I think Madelyn was just embarrassed and ashamed that’s why she got angry back at me. I am unsure whether we will be able to get our friendship back on track as I don’t know whether I will be able to trust her again but currently we are civil.

How are you feeling about the breakup and do you have any tips about how to deal with heartache?

I am feeling okay about the breakup, I have learnt to love myself again there are still hard days however I am feeling strong and I am enjoying having time to myself. The best way I would suggest to deal with heartache is time, time is the best healer, surround yourself with positive people and even do a bit of retail therapy and pamper yourself, by doing things such as going for facials, getting your nails done and just taking time to look after yourself. I am not looking for a new romance at the moment I want to focus on myself and my music. 

What does the upcoming year look like for you and your music?

I actually have some very exciting news, I am releasing a new album next month called ‘Myself’ which I think really expresses how much I have worked on myself and it reflects that you need to put yourself first sometimes. I am also going on tour in October, which is really exciting. I think my fans will really enjoy my album, creating my album has really helped me deal with all the drama and pain which I have been going through. If anyone asked me what to do to get over heartache and pain, I would say write music, it helps you get everything off your mind but also helps you create something beautiful and unique to you. A singer which really has inspired me to express myself through music is Ariana Grande, I think she is such a powerful woman and has grown into such an amazing artist.

Last of all Valentina what are your top tips to be successful and happy?

My tips to being successful and happy would be, love yourself, stay level headed, be confident and be patient. Those are the key things which I always keep in mind and they really help me get through life and be successful through my music.


The improvements I have made are:

  • I have added more detail about her tour and album such as album name, what her new albums about and how making her album has helped her.
  • Included information on who in the music industry inspires Valentina.
  • More details about the feud.
  • More about how music is her coping mechanism.