My Tour Poster


I did some research on the Indie colour and the colours and typefaces which they commonly use. I discovered they use pastel colours, blue colours nut they work with colours which contrast each other and therefore stand out. The typefaces indie tour posters commonly use are bold, normally capitalised but also can look written.

My Tour poster

Self Assessment

My Magazine Front Page Swede

My Magazine Swede

The actual Magazine

This was my first attempt of using in design to copy a magazine cover, this helped me learn the fonts, and how to edit, add boxes, colours, underline, insert a photo and to change the text. It is a very useful skill to learn how to use Indesign.

Through Indesign the tools I learnt tools such as the selection tool and the text tools. There is also shape and drawing tools. They will all help me with the design of print media because the text tool enables me to add text, the selection tools allows me to select and move things and I can add shapes and drawings to my print media with the drawing and shape tools.

My targets for the future would be to ensure the typeface and font size were more identical.

Here are some useful YouTube tutorials to help with using Indesign.

This tutorial teaches you the basic tools for in design, it teaches you to insert boxes, create shapes, make your text go around a shape and many more useful tips for using Indesign.

This tutorial teaches you the basics of how to insert and work with text in Indesign.

This tutorial teaches you how to insert and adjust images within Indesign.

The Camera talks

In my group we wanted to create a story through our images. I picked 9 of the images and put hashtags of the technical term, the example/denotation and the analysis/connotation.

We were asked to use different angles, poses and distances and they all created a different story. For instance in the image of the model lying down she looks relaxed and care free where as in the third image of the model crouched up and hidden she looks upset and scared. We learnt how much each factor significantly effects the impact of the photo.

My favourite image was the photo the image of the model behind bars because it gives the effect there is a story behind the image, it creates the impact that she is restricted and imprisoned.

Made with Padlet

Technical Camera Terms

We learnt how to use a camera, we got taught the significance and how to change the focal length, shutter speed and ISO. The aperture is how big the hole is to let in light. The shutter speed is how quick the shutter closes over the hole.

There is a few basic checks which you should do with your camera before you begin to use it.

These are:

  • Turn the camera on.
  • Check the battery is working.
  • Check there is an SD card.
  • Menu select button to change settings- aperture and shutter speed.
  • Check ISO is on automatic.
  • Keep lens cap on when not using camera.

Each different element of how you take the photo can create a different story. The position, angle, distance and models pose and expressions each can create a different story.

Some of our images came out badly over exposed this meant we has to adjust the shutter speed as the image was letting too much light in a and in contrast some over our images were under exposed therefore had to adjust the shutter speed to let more light in.


My image that uses mise-en-scene to communicate meaning.


We were allocated a genre, our group were assigned indie, we did some research and discovered many factors about indie such as their fashion, music, makeup and over all appearance. The mood board we made reflected many aspects of the indie culture and how we can learn to develop the Mis En Scene for our indie shoot for the album cover. We discovered the make up was mainly natural but they also incorporated orange tones for the eyeshadow and used blush to create a subtle but pretty look. Their style of hair was natural but often added a headband. Their fashion and outfit style used a lot of denim mom jeans and a baggy or casual top, they also wear floral maxi dresses, over all their fashion sense was chilled and relaxed however they, you can see examples of this fashion through indie artists such as Florence and the machine. Although indies fashion sense is relaxed we noticed that they do incorporate jewellery such as wearing many rings, necklaces with stones or symbols and dangly earrings. We researched indie photoshoots and noticed their stance and pose was relaxed and gave the impression they were content and chilled much like the impression of their lifestyle.

Made with Padlet

Practice photo and textual analysis

For our shoot we aimed to incorporate many elements of Mis en Scene we wanted to make sure the  indie genre was clear. Some examples of how we did this was by adjusting the pose to make the model look relaxed and as if she was day dreaming. Another way was through the models outfit and accessories we aimed to incorporate as many factors as possible such as mom jeans, baggy shirt, indie jewellery. Hair and makeup was also an important factor so the models hair and makeup was made to look natural. Mis en scene is very important because is creates the impact and story which your image is trying to give, each individual factor adds to the overall effect of the image


Print Media that Communicates Meaning

Each element of media has a symbolic meaning towards it which narrates an idea or a message. Whether it be fonts, colours, makeup or lighting each element has a reason behind behind the way it is portrayed. Each factor is an element of Mis En Scene which is used to portray a meaning, the factors of ‘MES’ are colour, location, makeup, costume, hair, props and lighting and each element has an impact.

This is my example of analysing the elements of ‘MES’ on Ariana Grande’s world tour cover.