What is a Contents Page?

What is a Contents Page?

Contents pages contain:

  • Editors hello
  • Page numbers
  • Hyperbole and superlatives in headlines
  • Images and word clues
  • Graphic illustrations and designs
  • Reminder of the magazine‚Äôs name and mission statement

A contents page is an important feature of a magazine. It is one of the first pages that the reader will see and look at so needs to be interesting and enticing. It gives the audience details about the rest of the magazine – what features are included.

draft layouts of my contents page

This is a picture of 3 of my contents page designs as well 6 headlines for these pages, that I will include. I think the headlines I have created will intrigue my audience therefore encouraging them to read on. I also think I have considered AIDA when designing these drafts. The large images attract attention to the page as well as the large headline of either ‘FLAME’ or ‘contents’.

Second draft of headlines

(to replace number 3,4&5)

  • Music you need in your playlist right now!
  • On the cover – New flame Lucy & how she rose to fame
  • Been missing the weeknd? – He’s back with two new singles


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