Favourite Music Video from Former Student

  • I like how they were both able to lip-sync almost perfectly in time with the music.
  • Just before each of the chorus’ I like how the editor, made the cutting speed really fast, which is on beat with the song. I like how it was flashing black too.
  • During the performance part of the video, a medium close up is usually used, against a simple background.
  • I think that this video is 80% performance 20% narrative. I think the narrative could be about loss of friendship or loss in general. I think this video is particularly good as it amplifies the song rather then illustrates the narrative, which in my opinion, makes it more interesting to watch.
  • I think that the main star is presented as quite sad which is emphasised by the grey, stone background that he performs in front of. The use of the sea also has connotations of loneliness.
  • Facial expressions are also quite emotionless which emphasises the themes of the song.
  • I also like the bath shots, where the red dye is dripped onto his chest like a ‘bloodstain’.

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