Task 10 – Marketing and Integrated Advertising

Screen Castify:

  1. Marketing – Creating awareness and buzz around a product
  2. Advertising – Paying for space in media products to place your message
  3. Public Relations – Maintaining a favourable public image
  4. Promotions – Positive representations of a product in a range of media
  5. Branding – Sell a lifestyle, not the product.
  6. Owned Media – Media content / platforms owned by the advertiser / group
  7. Bought Media – Buying space in other media outlets / platforms
  8. Earnt Media – Getting your promotional message spread by others
  9. Viral Marketing – Using social media platforms to spread a message
  10. Guerrilla Marketing – Surprising or unconventional methods of getting the message across
  11. Synergy – Two or more products working together to create a greater combined impact
  12. Cross Media Convergence – Similar to synergy, different media forms (music & film) working together to promote each other.
  13. Word of Mouth – Best sort of marketing there is.
  14. Traditional Advertising – TV adverts, posters, radio ads, newspaper / magazine. Still very powerful & expensive to buy!


  • Marketing is not free – platforms will charge you for promotions. This is because they can sell you your target audience as they know their likes dislikes, attitudes, etc.
  • A billboard or a poster on a bus for example, will cost a lot of money.
  • Why Marketing?
    • To get attention
    • To generate buzz
    • To get paying customers
  • AIDA is marketing – call to action by creating desire.
  • Different type of media:
    • Owned media
    • Brough media
    • Earned media
  • Word of mouth is a very powerful form of marketing
  • Marketing techniques:
    • Viral marketing
    • Guerilla marketing
    • Synergy
    • Cross media convergence
    • Word of mouth
    • Traditional advertising


Integrated Advertising:

Combining several media channels and tools under one big idea, in order to produce a greater experience for the consumer.

Things used to be advertised via

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Billboards


  • More sophisticated
  • Bombards the audience with advertising on every media platform on the internet.

Although this is good and many people become involved with the brands and buy the products, it also means the audience can become fed up really easily too.

Integrated advertising prevents this by interesting the consumer, gives them value, and lets them take part in parts they’d want to be involved in. It also allows for them to share it with their  friends 


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