Task 11 – Radiohead Case Study


  • What did Radiohead do in 2007 that shook the music world, in terms of distribution decisions?


Asked fans to pay what they want for their album.


  • What did Radiohead do in response to blackmail from online pirates in 2019?


They released the stolen records themselves calling it MINIDISCS (HACKED).


  • What two stages of the music industry are primarily involved in the ‘drop release’ process of an album or track?


Marketing & Distribution


  • How did the marketing campaign begin in June 2019?


Mysterious posters and flyers were found in places like the London Underground, or phone booths in Milan.


  • What was the fictitious company called in these preliminary adverts?


ANIMA industries


  • What did the Dream Camera of this company promise to do for callers who called the mystery number?


You would get your dreams back.


  • Why was this campaign described as an ‘internet scavenger hunt’?


Callers were left perplexed and unnerved.


  • What did the huge projections on London landmarks point towards?


ANIMA industries but nothing to do with Thom Yorke, until the website was found.


  • Phase 2 consisted of what in the campaign?


The accompanying short film.


  • Where did this film showcase and premiere and where was it later shown for free?


A youtube teaser trailer


  • What was broadcast and relayed simultaneously as part of the ‘simulcast’ of events?


The 27th June marked ANIMA’s ‘drop’ or release day. As a sort of simulcast (where programmes or events are broadcast simultaneously across more than one medium) some IMAX screens showed Paul Thomas Anderson’s film for free on this day too.


  • The multi-format release strategy involved releasing the album in two places simultaneously – where were these?


The website – ANIMA industries and record stores


  • What response was expected from the die-hard Radiohead fans? Why was the marketing/distribution campaign so engaging?


Very popular – scavenger-style puzzles and the multi-format physical releases. They value these physical artifacts. 


  • Which entertainment platform looks set to become a new distribution, marketing platform?


Youtube, Netflix and IMAX


  • What type of narrative is used for the music video – amplified, disjunctive or illustrative and why?


Disjunctive – there was no relation between the music and the video. This just added to the song.


  •  What do you like/dislike about the video – 5 x bullet points.



  • The setting and the lighting, etc were very interesting and worked well (changed) when the tone of the music changed. 
  • The choreography throughout the whole video was intriguing and interesting to look at.
  • Has a main character that is followed throughout – potentially trying to find his love?


  • Too long
  • Very strange so can be very confusing and hard to follow or understand.

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