Song ideas for music video – Mini Pitch

My Mini Pitch

I chose the song ‘Dreaming of Me’ by SiR, as I had a really clear image of the type of music video I would like to produce to this song. The song could be about two people, who may be trying to rekindle their love. In the lyrics he talking about a girl, who is dreaming of him.

When I listen to this song I think about something quite peaceful and beautiful, like the beach for example. I also think of something quite angelic or cherubic, like cupid, bringing a broken relationship back together.

For this video, I will choose to do a more, performance based video, which may be more interesting for the audience as they can decide on the story that the lyrics are trying to tell.

Lip Syncing Exercise

Lip sync video to New Rules by Dua Lipa

What went well?

  • The lip syncing matched well with the song.
  • The words of the song were mouthed clearly as if they were actually singing it.

Even better if?

  • The part at the start was cut, where Amber was adjusting the music.
  • Each person did the whole song each to prevent, blank screens between each shot.
  • If the song was finished

Favourite Music Video from Former Student

  • I like how they were both able to lip-sync almost perfectly in time with the music.
  • Just before each of the chorus’ I like how the editor, made the cutting speed really fast, which is on beat with the song. I like how it was flashing black too.
  • During the performance part of the video, a medium close up is usually used, against a simple background.
  • I think that this video is 80% performance 20% narrative. I think the narrative could be about loss of friendship or loss in general. I think this video is particularly good as it amplifies the song rather then illustrates the narrative, which in my opinion, makes it more interesting to watch.
  • I think that the main star is presented as quite sad which is emphasised by the grey, stone background that he performs in front of. The use of the sea also has connotations of loneliness.
  • Facial expressions are also quite emotionless which emphasises the themes of the song.
  • I also like the bath shots, where the red dye is dripped onto his chest like a ‘bloodstain’.

Music Video Form & Conventions

Analysis of 4 Music Videos

The relationships between songs and narrative

  • Illustration – the narrative in the video portrays the lyrics of the songs.
  • Amplification – although may have links to the lyrics of the song, this mostly just adds elements to compliment the song.
  • Disjunction – Very slight or no relationship between the lyrics of the song and the narrative of the performance, and can leave the audience confused.

Narrative or Performance videos

  • Performance Videos – If a video is primarily performance it is usually filmed in an unusual place, with lots of visual effects.
  • Combination Videos – A mixture of  performance and narrative, which are usually kept separate. Often, the star observes the action as an invisible narrator or the performer will have a particular role in the narrative.
  • Narrative Videos – Have very little performance elements and often include intertextual references from other stories. The narrative is often quite complex.

Prelim Task – Mood Montage

Our story board for our montage

In pairs we created a story board to plan our montage – this included types of shot, camera and editing. Our storyboard was based of a theme of determination, which is why we decided to go woth a musical based story.

The assessment criteria for this task was:

  1.  Holding a shot steady
  2.  Framing a shot
  3.  (Shooting a) variety of shot distances

Final Montage

Do you think your montage has an impact?

Yes, I think that our montage shows a clear a story, which will have an impact on our audience. I think that because it is also quite a relatable theme, it will have a greater impact.

Do you get a sense of feeling or story / relationship?

The use of camera and editing as well as with props creates the sense of story and emphasizes the main theme  – determination. Proxemics and mise en scene, shows the relationship between all he people involved – eg performer high up on stage and audience low in crowd.

How does one specified cuts create meaning? Please use time codes to identify the cut in question.

0:18 – Cuts from performing on stage with crowd shouting negative comments at her, to her practicing aggressively. This specific cut was to purposefully show how she was feeling.

0:24 – Cuts to a close up of the girl practicing the guitar, her mentor guides her fingers to wear they should be highlighting the relationship between the two people.

0:41 – I used a fade to white shot here to emphasise the contrast between when she was bad at playing guitar and when she finally got good.

Is there a sense of progression or are you trying just to reflect an experience?

The main theme of my montage is determination, so I was trying to show the journey of someone learning to play guitar.

Do you use repetition of some shots? If so, how do they help communicate your idea?

Yes, I repeated the scene of her playing on stage –  once when she was bad at playing and again when she was good. This also showed the sense of journey determination.

What additional shot would you have liked to get to further communicate the idea?

I think that a tracking shot of the two girls playing guitar together would have an affect on the idea of determination, as it could represent tracking her progress as a performer.