I chose this advert for my magazine as I think that my audience will be really interested in this particular brand. Their street wear style is similar to that worn by many of the stars shown in my magazine, as well as a large number of my audience’s personal style.


I chose this advert as, The Weeknd is stared on both my front page and in the contents page. i think my audience would be very interested in this particular advert as many of his fans would have been waiting for a long time for this song to be released, so this advert, to them, would be quite exciting.

Complete Magazine Draft


This is my final draft of my music magazine. There are some improvements I would like to make as well as any feedback or targets from my teacher. However overall I think that every draft has gotten better as my skills with indesign and Photoshop improve.


  • Make image bolder by taking off coloured filter and using curves and levels.
  • Adjust masthead,  so that the ‘F’ does not look ‘broken’.
  • Change the cover lines by adding more artists, adding lines and diving them up more.


  • Add more headlines – needs more pages.
  • Be consistent with the blue and white text. Each one should look the same.
  • Make some headlines more intriguing.


  • Make headline more balanced, maybe put the ‘&’ in the middle behind the names.
  • Adjust spacing of article to stop uneven, big spaces.
  • Make pull quote more interesting – change colour according to who said it?
  • Add page numbers.

So… How is it going?


Over the course so far, I have developed many skills, many of which, I will be able to use in the future, outside of media.

  • Clear communication – I have had to give clear instructions to my stars so that there is no  miscommunication so my shoots ran smoothly.  As well as this I have also had to give feedback from peers, meaning that I needed to be constructive as well as clear so they understand what I was critiquing and why. It is important to have good communication in the future, for things like job interviews.
  • Time management – Sometimes there was at least 4 blog posts to be completed a week, meaning that I had to be able to manage my time around my other subjects and other activities. I think I managed to prioritise tasks and manage my time well, as I have never fallen too far behind on these posts. This will be a very useful skill in the future, when I may have lots of things to do.
  • Research – Before producing my magazine, I needed to really understand my target audience, so I could use AIDA to produce a magazine that would be really appealing to my audience. This is a good skill for the future, as often not all sources are truthful, so being able to research effectively, will allow for me to be more knowledgeable.

Design Skills 2

Since the beginning of production, my design skills in indesign and photoshop have developed quite a lot.


This tool was very useful for when I wanted to pick out specific colours from my images. I then used the hex code from this colour and the adobe colour wheel, to choose contrasting or complimentary colours for that page.


Throughout the production, my front page image has changed with every draft. Although my final image was not what I wanted at the beginning, I think that because I used these two tools, the quality of the image looked really strong. When I first put a filter over the image, it flattened it and made it look quite dull. After removing that and using the levels and curves to adjust showdown, highlights and pigment, I was able to create a bold image which really suits my brand well.


I was able to change the colour of my tsars eyes by using the elliptical marquee tool. I could select her eyes and adjust the colours, so that her eyes. looked blue whilst the rest of the image stayed black and white. This was really useful as I think before this bold pop of colour was added the picture looked a bit boring, which doesn’t fit with my genre. I also used this method. with some of my other photos to just highlight certain points like eyes or clothing.


I think by using all these tools as well as mise en scene and AIDA I was able to create and portray a story to my audience. I also  experimented with other tools, colours and layouts to achieve this.


  • I was really pleased with how my double page spread looked. I think that it, as well as my contents page, fit in really well with my genre.
  • I was pleased with the images I took and how I used certain tools to make them look more dynamic.


  • If I had more time I think I would have improved my front cover. Although it follows. certain conventions of a R&B magazine, such as 3 colours and a bold masthead, I think I could have made improvements to the image (not black and white) ass well as changing the layout to make it much more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

A new improved contents page

CONTENTS page – second draft

What have I changed?

  • I have changed the colour of the image – so it fits more with the theme of the page.
  • I added an extra headline as well as changed the page numbers to make the magazine look fuller.
  • I changed the font of the captions on the images to make them more interesting and stand out.
  • I added a page number.

Overall I was quite happy with how this page turned out. I think I really followed the conventions of my genre as well as making it very unique to my own magazine.

Draft of contents page



  • I like ‘F’ used from my masthead ass I think it makes it look quite unique to my magazine.
  • However, I think that it looks quite messy, possibly because I have one black and white image as well as a coloured image.
  • I also think that I could possibly change my colour scheme, although I would like to use a bright colour – as it is more enticing (one of the main purposes of a contents page)