I chose this advert for my magazine as I think that my audience will be really interested in this particular brand. Their street wear style is similar to that worn by many of the stars shown in my magazine, as well as a large number of my audience’s personal style.


I chose this advert as, The Weeknd is stared on both my front page and in the contents page. i think my audience would be very interested in this particular advert as many of his fans would have been waiting for a long time for this song to be released, so this advert, to them, would be quite exciting.

Complete Magazine Draft


This is my final draft of my music magazine. There are some improvements I would like to make as well as any feedback or targets from my teacher. However overall I think that every draft has gotten better as my skills with indesign and Photoshop improve.


  • Make image bolder by taking off coloured filter and using curves and levels.
  • Adjust masthead,  so that the ‘F’ does not look ‘broken’.
  • Change the cover lines by adding more artists, adding lines and diving them up more.


  • Add more headlines – needs more pages.
  • Be consistent with the blue and white text. Each one should look the same.
  • Make some headlines more intriguing.


  • Make headline more balanced, maybe put the ‘&’ in the middle behind the names.
  • Adjust spacing of article to stop uneven, big spaces.
  • Make pull quote more interesting – change colour according to who said it?
  • Add page numbers.

A new improved contents page

CONTENTS page – second draft

What have I changed?

  • I have changed the colour of the image – so it fits more with the theme of the page.
  • I added an extra headline as well as changed the page numbers to make the magazine look fuller.
  • I changed the font of the captions on the images to make them more interesting and stand out.
  • I added a page number.

Overall I was quite happy with how this page turned out. I think I really followed the conventions of my genre as well as making it very unique to my own magazine.

Draft of contents page



  • I like ‘F’ used from my masthead ass I think it makes it look quite unique to my magazine.
  • However, I think that it looks quite messy, possibly because I have one black and white image as well as a coloured image.
  • I also think that I could possibly change my colour scheme, although I would like to use a bright colour – as it is more enticing (one of the main purposes of a contents page)

What is a Contents Page?


Contents pages contain:

  • Editors hello
  • Page numbers
  • Hyperbole and superlatives in headlines
  • Images and word clues
  • Graphic illustrations and designs
  • Reminder of the magazine’s name and mission statement

A contents page is an important feature of a magazine. It is one of the first pages that the reader will see and look at so needs to be interesting and enticing. It gives the audience details about the rest of the magazine – what features are included.


This is a picture of 3 of my contents page designs as well 6 headlines for these pages, that I will include. I think the headlines I have created will intrigue my audience therefore encouraging them to read on. I also think I have considered AIDA when designing these drafts. The large images attract attention to the page as well as the large headline of either ‘FLAME’ or ‘contents’.


(to replace number 3,4&5)

  • Music you need in your playlist right now!
  • On the cover – New flame Lucy & how she rose to fame
  • Been missing the weeknd? – He’s back with two new singles


A new improved DPS



  • I have moved the pull quote to a better position where it isn’t in the middle of my text. I think the new position allows the reader to have another insight of what to expect from the article before they start reading, which creates ‘desire’ to want to read on. I also changed the font of the pull quote to look more interesting.
  • I also made the colours of the drop capitals correspond with the other colours on the page which is ‘action’ (AIDA), showing the audience who is speaking and where they need to read from.
  • Although i was quite limited on space, I did try to leave the area between my headline and stand first empty.
  • I also experimented with different shapes of colour on my image, however I preferred how the squares looked as I think it keeps the DPS looking quite structured and bold.
  • I also added my article, however not all of it fits so I need to work on spacing and how I can potentially create more space.

Feedback & Reflection on Draft DPS


  • Likes colour scheme on photo and in title
  • Like the black and white image and how the colours really stand out making the image stand out
  • Likes the bold font for the title – simple but fits with conventions of genre
  • Doesn’t really like the position of the pull quote, right in the centre
  • Space out paragraphs more so they are more even – rather than some really small ones or really big.


  • Think about how I can make my stand first more interesting to fit with the rest of my spread
  • Experiment with empty space – how can I create it
  • Experiment with shapes and colours on the image – rather than just squares.
  • Pull quote in a funky font – perhaps similar to headline

For my next draft I will consider all of this feedback, good and bad. I will also add in my article.

Draft of The Double Page Spread



My double page spread includes:
  • A stand first – which will give the reader some context as to what the article is about.
  • I have put drop capitals at the start of all of my paragraphs as well as a really large one at the start of the article to make it clear to the audience where they should start reading from.
  • I have also organised my text into two columns to make the text easy for the audience to read. As well as this I have also put a pull quote in the center, which will attract attention (AIDA) to the text.

Second Shoot Contact Sheets



These are my five favourite images from my location shoot. I think that they represent my genre quite well – with the costume, props, makeup as well as location. I also think I captured the story I was trying to show my audience, of two artists who are just starting off as a new duo, as well as living very normal lives. Although the poses are all quite serious, the locations where they are photographed shows that they are quite ‘down to earth’ in comparison to their ex bandmates (mentioned in the article to go with the shoot).

I really like the 4th and 5th pictures as I think these images especially, present the story I am writing about to my audience. I also like how the 2nd image looks. Although slightly blurry – I think this adds to the ‘grungy’ and old school R&B look I was trying to create. I think this image might look quite good as an image on a contents page.

Overall I was pleased with how my shoot turned out. I took a variation of photos in different locations. I think the quality of most photos turned out well which meant I had a variety of pictures to choose from. I referred to my PMA for costumes, poses, makeup and locations as well as my aims for the shoot, to make sure I was organised and that the shoot was successful.

A New Improved Feature Article


It was November 2018 when Arabella & Kita, with their bandmates Liv, Zara & Lilianna, came runner-up in the UK’s most prestigious singing contest of the year, the X factor. They were put together just before the semi-finals, however clashes with musical passions and a lack of trust meant that the typical girl band bond started to slip. Arabella & Kita both grew up in South London, part of working class families. Their biggest inspirations in R&B were Aaliyah, Tupac & Destinys Child, but for Arabella it was her mother who encouraged her most of all. As for Kita, who secretly auditioned on X factor, followed in her older sister’s footsteps, and started writing her own music at a very young age.

We spoke to Arabella & Kita earlier this month, to catch up on their plans for the future;

How often was there drama?

There was a bit of ‘drama’ between us, as our personalities did clash quite a bit. We were both quite different to the other girls. We came from a more urban background compared to the girls to them so our styles and opinions were very different from their almost ‘plastic’ lifestyles – Kita

 It is always going to be difficult to all work together at something when we have different passions – Arabella

What was it that made you finally decide to leave, and why did you decide to collaborate?

We both have similar idols like Jorja Smith, we both love creating soulful music like her. We are also both inspired by Destiny’s Child – we love their music but also how well they worked together as such a small group, it has really inspired us to go down a similar path. – Kita

My favourite Destiny’s Child song is ‘Say my name’ & ‘Survivor’ and how they sing about their own lives, making them quite relatable. That’s what we want to create for our audience – relatable and real people – Arabella 

What does the future entail for you both?

We’re both just trying to find our feet with this new style of music. We want to really give our audience what they want from us, what they know us for, before we get started, so when we release our new album, we can create something that is quality, meaningful and unique to us. – Kita

We are so grateful for our experience on the x factor – it has helped up grow and prepare us for our careers ahead. We are so overwhelmed from support from our family, our fans as well as the other girls but mostly just excited to show everyone who we really are! – Arabella

 Both girls are fortunate to have their popular platforms to build on already – so they are able to focus on having fun starting their new journey.  

So what now?!


  • I added extra responses to the questions, so that both girls have answers.
  • I also tried to make the responses more gossipy and detailed.
  • I tried to add drama into the questions.
  • I added a question at the end to make the audience more interested in the story, encouraging them to keep following the girls journey

My target now is to insert my final article into my double page spread – ensuring that it fits well, and looks attractive for the audience. I hope that the changes I have made to my article will make it more interesting and ‘gossipy’ which will be more appealing for my audience.