March 23

“Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise”

Below is my final edited video using Adobe Premiere Pro of the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga. I had to edit lip sync footage to the original song in order to make it seem as if our stars were singing the song, This was a very difficult task to do, but I am pleased with the overall result.

In order for your editing and lip syncing to be a success, it is crucial for a music video because it sets the tone for the narrative and the song. If the lip syncing is faulted then the audience will not be getting the full experience of emotions when watching the music video. This can then lead to the stars reputation being put at risk: It could convey the idea that they don’t take pride in their work or that they do not care about the final product.

When looking at the footage I was given, It is a little bit difficult to sync up the lyrics with the lipĀ  syncing, this is due to not enough expression on the stars faces. In addition to that people were talking and/or laughing which again made it difficult to sync the lyrics to the audio. Upon viewing the footage multiple times, I realize everyone is more comfortable when they are performing in a group rather then on there own. When it the stars either in a pair or on their own, I could gather that they didn’t feel comfortable, in addition to that it was challenging to pair the lyrics up with what the stars with singing, as there was a lack of expression on the face.

In my opinion, I feel the footage given would be better if the stars projected their facial expressions more and looked comfortable in the environment. That being said, the footage overall isn’t bad, I did manage to get some good clips which can highlight the confidence of some of the stars. In particular at 00:24 seconds, the animation on the stars face shows they have a lot of confidence on the camera. It makes the star look believable like she is enjoying herself and having fun whilst doing something she loves. Another example is at 00:15 seconds, the group are smiling and dancing, and just generally looking like they are having fun. From an audience perspective I can tell that these stars are way more comfortable in a group scenario rather then by themselves. I have repeated the same clip twice in the video, it is first at 00:06 seconds and then again at 00:23 seconds, I have done this because I really liked how the original footage looked, I thought the close up was a good way of seeing the stars facial expressions. Although it may not be the most expressive and punctual I still liked using those particular clips during editing.

When looking forward, I have learnt that it is extremely important for the star(s) to project facial expressions and sell the song to the audience, this is because if not then the star could appear to be bored and interested in their work. In addition to that I have learnt it is important to have someone who is comfortable on camera, otherwise you will not get the same affect as someone who is comfortable on camera, This will help to convey the narrative that the star is trying to portray to the audience. Another thing I believe would be useful is to have different shots such as close ups or wide shots. Not only that but I would like some clips without lip syncing, this will help to convey the narrative that I want to get across to my audience.

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