June 19

Describe your Audience

One of the most important things to understand is the demographics and psychographics of our selected target audience. This is down prior to shooting the music video as we can produce a video that will suit their interests ad who they are as a person.

Blumler and Katz’s theory of uses and gratifications helps us to understand what are target audience like and dislike in a music video.

The theory of uses and gratification provides us with four reasons as to what people’s consumption of media are: 

  • Information
  • Personal Identity
  • Entertainment
  • Interaction

In addition to that, Hall has a lot of ideas about audiences. He states that all media texts are encoded by the directors, producers and creators. Which then translates these messages/ideas to be decoded by that specific audience. However if this isn’t done well, then the audience will reject what was intended to be communicated, this process is called an oppositional reading.

For our specific target audience, myself and the rest of my group found out that our audience demographic are female millenails. Below is a moodboard that we have created. From using our own research on YouGov into our target audience. A typical audience member for our selected genre would be an avid netflix user alongside watching and creating a wide range of tiktoks. There dress sense would be edgy and have a Grundy air to it. A typical audience member would most likely shop on Asos and Depop.

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