June 19

Pitch + Feedback


Positive Feedback:

  • Likes the idea of an ending where the character in the narrative breaks free
  • Likes the simple performance concept
  • Likes the locations selected (i.e the underground hospital and vale castle)
  • Likes the use of different models in order to portray the performance and narrative
  • Likes the simple narrative idea of being trapped and struggling to escape
  • Likes the idea of the bed sheets to symbolically show the narrative


Negative Feedback:

  • It will be difficult to make the performance interesting and engaging by just using the dark studio and having the box lights, in order to fix this we will have to make sure that the performer is very expressive in their body language and facial expressions.
  • To use three locations for the narrative
  • Could use a storage container to indicate the feeling of being trapped
  • Possibly consider the steps idea
  • Ensure to develop the idea of having an ending more
  • Could use a spiders web made out of tights to symbolize being trapped and imprisioned

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