June 23

Visual Shot List for Shoot 1 (Performance)

Here is a collage of screenshots of performances, We have selected a variety of different shots. The electro-pop genre has conventional shots in the performance of a music video. Within this genre there are a lot of conventional shots that would be expected during the performance an example of this would be during our research we saw a lot of high angle shots and ped movement shots.

The performance is key for the artists star image, these shots help to highlight the edgy, dark and Grundy star image of those artists who are apart of the electro-pop genre. In order to stick to the conventions of the genre, myself and my group have decided that we will make sure to use these particular conventions. Typically, Electro – pop music videos generally have a mixture of shots in length. They are generally edited to the music, so this means that the longer, slower shots when the pace of the music is slower when the pace of the music is a lot slower. In addition to that when the atmosphere heightens the pace quickens and the shots will become shorter.

The mixture of shots collected are below, they are all from the electro – pop genre and all helpful to convey the key aspects of the artists star image. It is equally important to use some of these shots and movements within the music video, as well as some other shots to make sure my music video can stand out from everyone else’s.

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