June 29

Test Shoots

In order to prepare to go out and complete our first performance shoot we carried out a test shoot around the school. I found this helpful as it allowed us to learn a lot of valuable skills which will help us when we produce our actual music video. Below is the 30 second clip that myself and my group have produced.

Final test shoot for Panic Room by AU/RA:

What went well?:

  • The majority of our shots were in focus
  • The locations that we selected were fitting for grungy and edgy theme we chose.
  • We managed to get a wide range of different shots and angles.


What could be improved for next time?:

  • The lip syncing is not lined up in places. This can be improved when editing if we ensure that we have lined up the lip syncing first and then cut in between clips
  • Some of our shots were out of focus and poorly lit, to ensure this doesn’t happen with we will need to be cautious to focus the camera and make sure we have the correct lighting.
  • To add some filters, adjust the lighting of some of the clips and also play around with the transitions of the clips when editing.
  • To become more creative when shooting. Try use different angles, framing movement, this is for both the star and the camera itself.

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