July 2

Shoot 1 Reflection (Performance)

For our performance we did two shoots, one in the studio and one off site and each of these shoots presented us with many different challenges. Below our some photos from our shoots:

For the performance side of our music video, myself and the rest of my group conducted two shoots, one was in the white studio at the Guernsey Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre. Whilst the shoot took place at a bunker out by Pleinmont.

Our first shoot took place in the studios, however it didn’t go as smoothly as we would of hoped. This is due to our model being unprepared when knowing the lyrics of the songs, which meant we struggled to get good lip syncing shots. We overcame this issue by helping our model learn the lyrics as best as she could. An example of this was during an extreme close up of the models mouth, another member of my group held the lyrics up behind the camera so she was able to read the lyrics off the phone. I believe that we each had our opinions highlighted and everyone listened to what each person had to say.


Our next shoot took place in the bunker at Pleinmont, in my opinion this shoot went a lot smoother then the first shoot did. Our model knew all the lyrics, and not to mention the aesthetic of the bunker fit well with the theme of the song. We were able to get shots that we were pleased with. Although one issue we faced on the day was the weather, it was very rainy and we had to ensure our equipment wouldn’t get wet. Above our some images of myself and my group on location highlighting our work on the shoot.

Finally we decide to go back to the studio as we felt we could get clearer and better shots now that our model knew the words. Overall this shoot turned out to be a success. We used a variety of different shots in order to have variety and diversity when it came to editing. By having more shots, it means that you won’t be as repetitive during editing.

After reviewing the footage, myself and my group have some targets for future shoots:

  • Make sure to ensure our shots are well lit and in focus always
  • To capture a wide variety of different shots from different angles, these could include higher angles, extreme close ups and more movement shots
  • To ensure that our model is well prepared prior to the shoot starting, and making sure that the model knows the lyrics of the song.

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