October 15

My Tour Poster

In the slideshow shown, we were set on a task to research tour posters/album covers based on our genre of music selected. My music genre selected is Country and Western. The research will allow us to produce a conventional tour poster, therefore this task has given us an idea as to what things we must consider when producing our own tour poster.

Upon doing research on the genre of Country and Western music i discovered the following:

  • In nearly all of the tour posters, there is always a main cover star featured in a place on the poster.
  • All of the main cover stars are looking very relaxed.
  • Typically the older posters have more blocky styled fonts
  • The colour palette is very wide, there isn’t a set of colours

My Tour Poster:

Here is the PDF File of my tour poster 


The image above is my reflection on my Tour Poster, overall the tour poster was a good experience to help learn how to use INDESIGN and Photoshop.

My Strengths:

  • Being able to edit my main cover star confidently
  • Production of layering my image onto the background chosen
  • During the modeling process, I was calm and collected just like the other models of tour posters
  • I was able to find a font that fit the genre and theme of country and western.

Areas for improvement:

  • Ensure the mise-en scene fits with the genre of music
  • Make sure I know the type of message portrayed before producing my tour poster
  • Think about where the main focus will be for the main cover star, (E.g The eyes)
  • Think about the type of colours that are typical of the genre selected.
  • Plan my photoshoot out better before taking any photographs
October 9

My Magazine Front Page Swede

Original Version of NME Music Magazine:


My Version of the NME Music Magazine:

Please Click on the PDF to see a clear version.

The photos above showcase my version of a mock-up front page. The task we were assigned was that we were given a selection of different music magazine from NME to copy in their style. I learnt how to use Adobe INDESIGN, which is a very useful skill to have as it will help me when producing my own music magazine. By doing this task it has got me thinking about the different things that go into a magazine. For example the Masthead, I have learnt where to successfully place a Masthead on my front page. In addition to that I have learnt as to how you can showcase your main cover star, which in this case is Joe Strummer.

What was postive when creating my front cover?:

  • In my opinion I felt that I was able to select the right image straight away
  • In addition to that I also found myself picking up all of the information learnt as to how to use INDESIGN very quickly, this could be due to my basic background knowledge on Adobe Photoshop, therefore meaning I have some experience as to how I should successfully edit or produce Media.
  • Finally another example of a strength I found out whilst doing this task is that I am able to understand and reflect on any additional feedback given to me based on how I can improve the Mock-up Magazine front page.

What Did I struggle with when creating my front cover?:

However even though I found certain things easy, there were additionally tasks I struggled with.

  • Firstly I struggled with being able to find the correct font. This was very difficult to do, due to the fonts being different in certain cases.
  • Secondly I struggled with figuring how to use certain tools to begin with such as expanding the space between letters. But once I knew how to do it, I was completely fine.
  • Finally I struggled with ensuring that all of the information provided on the front page was included as certain fonts where bigger then others.


The following videos are great tutorials on how to use Adobe INDESIGN. The videos are detailed very well and give a lot of great advice on how to use INDESIGN:

September 28

The Camera Talks

The creating of the mood board above helped me to understand what is a good photo, I had to pick 9 of my favourite photos from all of the photos taken. Next we had the task of writing down the Denotation and Connotations of the images.

My favourite photo from the mood board is the long shot as I believe that it was the best photo that told the narrative. The expression shown on the models face is captivating. She is sat in the classroom with no one around her. The feeling of being alone comes into action when thinking of this photograph. The long shot shows loneliness and the body language represents the idea of being left alone and not knowing what to do.

I believe my group were quite successful in showcasing our ideas through the images taken. This task will be helpful when producing my own music magazine as it has helped me to understand DSLR cameras better, I now know how to fix the lighting and the aepture on a DSLR. This knowledge alone will ensure my own music magazine to be successful and hopefully will increase sales.

September 27

Technical Camera Terms

We explored a camera and its settings; We looked at the shutter speeds. Firstly we looked at Slow Shutter Speed. Shutter speed is the amount of time that the shutter is open for. Therefore a slow shutter speed means that the shutter is open for a longer amount of time. By using a slow shutter speed, it will let more light in and also captures more movement. In addition to that we also looked at Fast Shutter Speed. Fast Shutter Speed can be used for catching images in motion. Therefore a fast shutter speed will mean that the shutter is open for a shorter amount of time. Aepture is when you are able to control the hole size in your lens. By doing this you are therefore controlling the amount of light reaching the film/image sensor. This was a good way to help introduce us into the world of using DSLR Cameras. Thus meaning we were set off on a task.

Our task was to take around 50 Images with our new knowledge on the manual camera settings, The idea behind this task is that every photo must tell a story. In groups of either 2 or 3, We set off and looked at the different settings, as well as the different camera shots you can do whether it is a Close Up or an Extreme Long Shot, this was something very crucial to consider. Not only do you have to consider the different camera shots, you also need to consider the angles and positioning of the camera as well:

  • High Angles
  • Low Angles
  • Wide Angle
  • Close up

These are just a few examples of the different things you have to consider. The slideshow below shows the result of my first photo shoot:

From the contact sheet above it is clear to see that we kept in mind the different Distances and Angles in order to communicate a narrative to the audience. Every photo represents an emotion and behind every photograph there is a story. This task is useful as it has given me a good idea as to the type of things I must consider when taking photographs for my music magazine. I will remember to consider the Shutter Speed, and Aepture. Overall this task will ensure my progression as a media student and has given me the chance to explore and play around with my DSLR Camera.

September 21

My image that uses mise-en-scene to communicate meaning

The moodboard shown below is a collage of our Genre of music, Which is Country and Western, It captures the essence of earthly vibes and eco-friendly attire: When planning a photo shoot you must consider following:

  • Costume
  • Lighting
  • Acting and Proxemics
  • Makeup and Hair 
  • Props
  • Settings

The costume selected was a checkered flannel along with dungarees and some black cowboy boots. Next we had to begin thinking about the Lighting, due to our genre we wanted to make the lighting quite soft and bubbly. Acting was also an important factor to consider, therefore I had to think of the different types of poses and stances I would use, however when thinking about acting you must also take Proxemics into consideration. The photo shoot included a range of different camera angles from higher to lower and close up shots too. When thinking about Makeup and Hair we decided to make my hair wavy/curly and then to have simple  makeup. Finally Props and Settings. When portraying the image of a cowgirl, the first thing myself and my group thought of in terms of props were a straw cowboy hat and an acoustic guitar.. The setting we choose was a plain white wall to start off with and then later on during the photo shoot we used the green screen.

Made with Padlet

In this image, Our class were assigned with the task of writing down adjectives that related to our model who was a country and western star, Here are a few examples:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Chill
  • Calm
  • Earthy
  • Family Friendly
  • Helpful

This was useful for our group as the gratifications that the conventions of the country and western were well presented and clearly noticeable.

In my opinion, this is one of the best photos from the photo shoot, The costume is represented well.

  • The purple in the flannel shows off the feminine side to the star and presents the star as a calm and collected individual.
  • The acoustic guitar and the straw cowboy hat fits well with the conventions of the genre, in addition to that the straw hat gives off a welcoming and friendly vibe.
  • The models makeup is simple yet effective to showcase the style of the makeup, The hair of the model is loosely curled and gives off the impression of being chilled out and approachable.
  • Finally the body language of the model suggests empowerment and strength, the facial expression suggests that the country star is kind-hearted.

By using this research, and audience feedback it will help me to design my own music magazine as I will be aware of how each individual feature in the photos will convey the genre of music. An example of this could be the loosely curled hair, the hair gives off the impression of our country star being chilled out and approachable. I have learnt to pay attention to every detail no matter how important to ensure my music magazine is as successful as it can be.

September 17

Print Media that Communicates Meaning

The post below represents an example of deconstructing a tour poster. When deconstructing a poster, you have to consider the following:

  • The font
  • The colouring of the font
  • Background
  • Main Image
  • Costumes
  • Lighting
  • Acting
  • Makeup
  • Props
  • Setting

All of these points are essential when communicating a narrative. When making a Music Magazine you have to think about what kind of message you are trying to convey/portray. By analyzing a poster this will  give me an idea as to what I need to consider when producing my own Music Magazine. You have to ensure that the media you are producing is appropriate for your target audience, this could be from something as simple as the Language and Grammar used or the Images. In addition to that you have to consider if the Body Language is appropriate for your image.