Digipak Draft 1

With our first draft of the digipak we presented it to our media teacher who gave us some critical feedback in order to help us improve the quality of it. The feedback we received was helpful as it reminded us to include the typical conventions for a cd case that we had forgotten. Below I have created some targets in which we need to work on to improve our digipak.

Here is my draft one of the digipak:

Here is the feedback we have received:

Here is the targets that we have created:

  • Remove the inside left and inside right images – replace them with some more graphic design.
  • Remake the circle on the front of the cover – making sure all the measurements are the same so it looks neat.
  • Replace the duplicate of Nick and replace it with Ben.
  • Complete the spine of the the digipak.
  • Adjust the font and sizing on the front page of the digipak.

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