Production Skills Evaluation 3

When creating the images for our digipak both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign played crucial parts in the creation of it.


Within photoshop we used a variety of tools to help separate the star from the background. First of all we needed to increase the brightness and colours of the image as it was slightly underexposed, we adjusted the saturation, brightness and contrast to give the image a warmer feeling

This image is showing how we adjusted the saturation of the image
This image is showing how we adjusted the brightness and colours of the image


Photoshop – Quick Selection Tool

Within this image we have used the quick selection to separate Nick from the background. We then cut the subject and pasted him onto a new background. We then used the magic eraser tool to remove all of the white background and than sae him as a PNG to insert into InDesign.

This image is showing how we use the quick selection tool to select just the subject
This is showing how we cut the subject to separate him from the background



The inside panels of our digipak were heavily graphic based so indesign was very helpful with creating our digipak. The measuring tools were specifically helpful with the creating of the circles as we were able to line up each circle to make sure that the lines in-between were the exact same size. On our first attempt we didn’t know about this which lead to the circles being different sizes.

This image is showing how the circles were lined up using the measuring sticks within Indesign



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