Production Skills Evaluation 3

When creating the images for our digipak both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign played crucial parts in the creation of it.


Within photoshop we used a variety of tools to help separate the star from the background. First of all we needed to increase the brightness and colours of the image as it was slightly underexposed, we adjusted the saturation, brightness and contrast to give the image a warmer feeling

This image is showing how we adjusted the saturation of the image
This image is showing how we adjusted the brightness and colours of the image


Photoshop – Quick Selection Tool

Within this image we have used the quick selection to separate Nick from the background. We then cut the subject and pasted him onto a new background. We then used the magic eraser tool to remove all of the white background and than sae him as a PNG to insert into InDesign.

This image is showing how we use the quick selection tool to select just the subject
This is showing how we cut the subject to separate him from the background



The inside panels of our digipak were heavily graphic based so indesign was very helpful with creating our digipak. The measuring tools were specifically helpful with the creating of the circles as we were able to line up each circle to make sure that the lines in-between were the exact same size. On our first attempt we didn’t know about this which lead to the circles being different sizes.

This image is showing how the circles were lined up using the measuring sticks within Indesign



Production Skills Evaluation 3

Throughout the post production stage of our music vide I have learned to used a variety of different tools within the new Premiere Pro. Some of the tools I used within Premiere Pro was the ability to effects the speed of our clips as well as using to ultra key to use a green screen overlay.


Changing Speed:

Both George and I decided that we needed to change the speed of some of our clips to fit with the overall tempo of the sun. We include some slow moving visuals to help give the audience a better understanding of the narrative, slowing down the footage allows the audience to connect the lyrics of the song with that part of the music video. With all our slow motion clips we aimed to link it to the lyrics.


Ultra Key:

As well as changing the speed of our clips we also wanted to inset a green screen overlay to help fit the “vlogging” style of our music video. The ultra key allowed us to remove the green overlay giving certain clips a recording symbol. The use of this connected with our young target audience as they would be to decode the meaning behind the recording sign. 

Overall using these new editing techniques has enhanced the quality of our music video helping us improve our final product as well as giving it a more professional look.


Advert Draft 1

Here is the draft 1 of our Advert – this includes the typically conventions that we researched in the previous post about the indie alternative genre.

In addition we also again used the level ladder to gain some feedback to try and push to the next level. The feedback for the advert is helpful as it allows us to try ad move from level 2 to level 3 in order to gain a better grade.

Digipak Draft 2

Using the feedback we have learnt from draft 1 we have change both the inside left and inside right of our digipak. We replaced the images of the beach and sunset and replaced them with more graphic designs. Overall were happy with how the new designs have turned out.


In addition we also asked a couple of peers from our class to use the level ladder to rate our digipak to see if there’s any final improvements that we could include. (This includes the feedback for our advert is well)

Here is the feedback we received:

Advert Conventions

To give us a better understanding of the typical conventions within an advert we looked at Oasis’ advert cover who are in the similar genre. When looking at the conventions of an advert we saw that the advert was very similar to the album cover. It’s exactly the same picture and font just enlarged onto an A4 poster. However they also include some extra add-ons such as there website and portraits of themselves. When creating my advert I will make sure I take the typical conventions of an advert into our own advert.

Digipak Draft 1

With our first draft of the digipak we presented it to our media teacher who gave us some critical feedback in order to help us improve the quality of it. The feedback we received was helpful as it reminded us to include the typical conventions for a cd case that we had forgotten. Below I have created some targets in which we need to work on to improve our digipak.

Here is my draft one of the digipak:

Here is the feedback we have received:

Here is the targets that we have created:

  • Remove the inside left and inside right images – replace them with some more graphic design.
  • Remake the circle on the front of the cover – making sure all the measurements are the same so it looks neat.
  • Replace the duplicate of Nick and replace it with Ben.
  • Complete the spine of the the digipak.
  • Adjust the font and sizing on the front page of the digipak.