Advert Draft 1

Here is the draft 1 of our Advert – this includes the typically conventions that we researched in the previous post about the indie alternative genre.

In addition we also again used the level ladder to gain some feedback to try and push to the next level. The feedback for the advert is helpful as it allows us to try ad move from level 2 to level 3 in order to gain a better grade.

Advert Conventions

To give us a better understanding of the typical conventions within an advert we looked at Oasis’ advert cover who are in the similar genre. When looking at the conventions of an advert we saw that the advert was very similar to the album cover. It’s exactly the same picture and font just enlarged onto an A4 poster. However they also include some extra add-ons such as there website and portraits of themselves. When creating my advert I will make sure I take the typical conventions of an advert into our own advert.