My Magazine Front Cover Swede

The point was to learn how to use in-design and to learn how magazine front pages are made. What I did well with in my magazine page was finding the right fonts to match them on the magazine page.

I copied a magazine cover of NME with Joe Strummer on it, unfortunately I couldn’t find the photo so I used a photo of Snoop Dog.


Three things I found easy were:

  • Working out the sizing of the writing so it would all fit in the page and be in the same place.
  • All the colours were simple to replicate onto my magazine.
  • The masthead of my magazine looks similar to the real magazine.

However three things that didn’t go well were:

  • I should’ve put more weight on some of the writing to make it a bit thicker as it looks thinner on my magazine.
  • On some of the words it is not clearly visible because the words are too dark.
  • I should’ve made the image black and white

These are some videos that will help guide you to making a good magazine cover and will help me in the future with indesign.


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