September 25

Teacher Feedback – screen castify

Our teacher gave us feedback through a screencastify which allowed us to see what we can improve and what went well:

The positive part of the performance is the good frame within frames to portray confinement. However, we should reframe some shots by zooming out to crop the space and make the shot more interesting and shots such as the punch bag should be cut quickly and not have the whole tilt of the boxing bag.

Areas for improvement:

  • Ensure the narrative is clear as it needs to fit the serious and sombre theme.
  • Make sure to edit to the beat to relate to the song.
  • Keep using the different shots of the ring throughout the video as it is the main symbol of his anguish.
  • Play with the narrative and distinguish it from the performance by playing with effects and colour.

Our teacher still thinks two fights would work better in revealing the realisation that he’s got to get his life back together and also gives you an opportunity to revisit the ring, which is a key piece of iconography. However, when we were speaking to other teachers and peers, they believed that this would become confusing to the audience as our narrative looks at our star rebuilding and letting his anger out throughout the match as he leaves boxing feeling more relieved and over the breakup with was getting in the way.

Furthermore, the transition that Specsavers spoke to us about and added, our teacher thought was more comedic. So moving forward we will need to look at our transition and whether they are in the right place.


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