October 7

Specsavers Feedback

Creatives from Specsavers visited our class and gave feedback on what we have achieved so far in our music video. This allowed us to explore different effects and amend parts of our video.

We were not as far along with our music video as we would have liked to be as we restarted with different shoots and had just started adding in our narrative clips.

However, they were happy with what we had achieved and managed to give us things that needed improving.

This to improve included:

  • Adding more transitions (swift movement between moving shots instead of quick changes between shots)
  • Playing with colour and overexposed shots
  • Warp stabiliser on the ring for a focuses shot
  • Adding adjustment layers for parts of the shots on one level
  • Having a separate line for narrative and performance, making it easier to edit.

This was different from what our teacher told us to do as he thought the transitions made the narrative comedic and also thought that the boxing match should have been split into two different fights. However, Specsavers liked the one fight as they thought the narrative was clear.



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