January 10

Design Skills 2

While designing my double page spread as well as my contents page I learned even more skills from when I designed my front cover of my music magazine. These are some of the skills I learned:

When I was trying to change the colour of the vans logo on my models cap, I was struggling trying to keep it within the lines and it was taking too much time, I then learnt that there is a tool called the paint bucket tool which fills in a blank space in one click which was very effective and time saving.












Another tool that was effective was the burn tool, this is because when I took the photos the light was catching my models face too much, this then helped me to take down the light and made the photo look a lot better. I also darkened the photo a bit just to give it a bit more of a dark vibe because it fits in with my genre of rap.

January 9

So… How is it going?

A transferable skill is an ability or expertise which may be used in a variety of roles or occupations. Examples include communication, problem-solving and self-control.

Looking at this definition I would say I have learnt a lot of different transferable skills that will be useful for me over then next year and later on life. I will talk to you about some of the ones that have benefited me the most.

  • Communication- This was one of the most important skills as this helped me get feedback from my peers on what was needed to be improved on and what were the best parts of the magazine. This can be done through email, talking face to face or even using a screencastify.
  • Research- I had to research the rap genre to be able to have more knowledge on what my audience would like to read about.
  • Design skills- My design skills have been very important to learn as these helped me create my music magazine. I was taught how to use the basics photoshop and indesign but as I progressed through making my magazine I taught myself how to use different tools on the software and create an even better magazine.
  • Critical Analysis- This was crucial for me to learn, this helped me learn how to recieve feedback then instantly act upon it to then better my magazine.
November 29

Design Skills 1

During my time of creating my front page I have gained some new skills on in design as well as Photoshop. Some of the important skills I have learnt so far are:

Quick selection was one of the first skills I learnt and one of the most important, this was useful because when editing my model I could cut him out of the photo to separate them from the photo so I could give him the grungy, rap look and not effect the background.





This was also a tool that helped me during my front cover, this was because it helped me make my models face a bit clearer and it helped me remove a few spots and even a couple shadow marks that looked out of place.






November 25

So… I am ready to photograph my star

My Mission Statement:

N&U is known as one of the best magazines for people who are interested in rap music. We have made N&U one of the most popular and up to date magazines out their that has the newest and best upcoming rappers. This is to help small rappers become more known and let the audience listen to new artists different type of styles, we don’t just show the new upcoming rappers but we interview them as well to get to know the artists better, try and get their background and get our audience to find someone new that they love to listen to and can also relate to on a deeper level. We do this to keep our audience engaged with the rap music so they are never bored of listening to the same thing and always have something new to hear.

My Brand Values:

Our main aim at N&U is to simply help young and new artists find their audience that enjoy their music and for our audience to find their artists that they can listen to on a daily basis and have something that can fill the time they have free. This also to keep our audience up to date and not listen to all the old music that is out and that they are getting tired of hearing.

What I have learned:

Mis En Scene I have learned is a very important aspect of how media is made. All the outfits, lights, props, hair styles and many other elements are all essential to help you convey an image and help tell a story. The main components for mis en scene are the following:





I have also learned how the camera is very important to help re tell the narrative. The camera re tells the narrative through different ways such as the way the camera is angled, for example, if the camera is looking up at a character it gives the character a sense of dominance against you and if the camera is pointing down at you it gives the character a sense of fear and powerless, we learned this from watching clips of different TV shows such as Down town abbey and Dr Who. When we were learning to use a DSLR camera we used how to control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I used these skills when taking photos for my magazine poster and my music magazine.

Using my knowledge on mis-en-scene I will put this into future photo shoots to create high quality photos, I will then use my camera skills to make the lighting and camera angle fit the photo.




October 16

So… I’m ready to make some media!

When I come to make my own magazine cover I will think about the different colours and different types of font that suit the genre I will be doing to make it stand out and interesting. I will also think about my placement and size of the photo of my artist so I can also fit all the writing on the page as well and so it is all visible to read. I will also use my knowledge of mis en scene and think about the props and the background/scenery to give the magazine a more colourful and expressive cover to interest my audience more.

September 27

So… How can an image communicate meaning?

I now know that images can communicate meaning through a combination of camera and mis en scene, for example, in chicken run they use different angles on the camera to create a feeling for the audience such as when the camera is looking down onto the chickens from the butchers perspective it gives them a sense of fear for the chickens and empowerment for the butcher. There is an effective part of mis on scene in one of the scenes in chicken run when the butcher opens the door to the barn and in front is a sliver, shining axe sat on top of a wooden log, this symbols that the butcher is ready to kill the chicken.

I know now that this will change how I design and format my magazine construction, this shows me now how one image can give such a background story and lead your mind off in different perspectives. I now know that I will think more carefully about what angle photos I will take whether it is a high angle shot to give vulnerability or a low angle shot to give power and dominance.