October 18

My Tour Poster

In this task I have been researching a genre I was assigned which was ‘Psychedelic Rock’ it was a very interesting genre to research as it is very colourful and wacky and chilled. I made this mood board to remind me of what the type of genre my poster has to look like. I tried to use various colours that contrast, this is to make them sound out and interest the reader. However I haven’t matched the font very well or the background and that is something I will focus on working on. All the writing is visible on the poster and is all clear to read. I added a bit of weight on some of the words on the outline to make them stand out.




October 7

My Magazine Front Cover Swede

The point was to learn how to use in-design and to learn how magazine front pages are made. What I did well with in my magazine page was finding the right fonts to match them on the magazine page.

I copied a magazine cover of NME with Joe Strummer on it, unfortunately I couldn’t find the photo so I used a photo of Snoop Dog.


Three things I found easy were:

  • Working out the sizing of the writing so it would all fit in the page and be in the same place.
  • All the colours were simple to replicate onto my magazine.
  • The masthead of my magazine looks similar to the real magazine.

However three things that didn’t go well were:

  • I should’ve put more weight on some of the writing to make it a bit thicker as it looks thinner on my magazine.
  • On some of the words it is not clearly visible because the words are too dark.
  • I should’ve made the image black and white

These are some videos that will help guide you to making a good magazine cover and will help me in the future with indesign.


October 3

The Camera Talks

Below is my mood-board of my 9 favorite photos with different denotations and connotations to create a narrative. For example, the midshot of my model sitting on the stairs. This represents how serious he is and reflecting on his thoughts. We also added a slight slouch to his posture to infer a casual slide to the picture and infer a laid back side to my model. The mis-en-scene creates a narrative to each of my compositions.

September 27

Technical Camera Terms


In my photos I was focusing on the different ranges such as long range, mid range and close range. I think my close up photos were the best photos in my opinion, I think they gave more of a background story by the facial expressions and the way there body is faced. I also like my Two-shot photos because they give a good background and gives many ideas of what the story behind the photo could be. I also tried to vary the angles I took my photos from, I tried low angle shots, high angle, I also tried different camera movements such as zooming in and out, tilting the camera.

This will help me with my magazine now because I know what angles would look best and I know now which angles with a camera I need to improve on. I also learned all the settings on the camera and which settings are suitable for what scene I am in and how light or dark the room is.



September 19

My image that uses mise-en-scene to communicate meaning.

In this task I was allocated a genre, my genre was Psychedelic Rock and I had to investigate the conventions. I discovered that Psychedelic Rock was mainly based around bright neon colours and very multi-colourful. It gives off a very relaxed and chilled vibe for people who don’t really care and look at everything positively.

We then dressed our models in conventional Psychedelic Rock costumes because we understood what the mis-en-scene looked like, the models were dressed up in hippie glasses with these hippie necklaces. They also wore a paisley shirt and a long dark red and black robe which gave off a chilled vibe.

We asked the audience to provide us with the connotations and the vibe of what they looked like. Some of the replies were words such as; Natural, Exquisite and Energetic.

I chose my final photo that is going to be on the tour poster because in these photos they have really good facial expressions and body language.  When I come to make my magazine I know how important it is to have the right costumes, makeup and what facial expressions and body language they use.




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