October 9

Branding Moodboard

In this task we had to create a mood-board and include items and designs that would work with our digipak, we also looked at different shots that would work t attract the viewer to the front cover and give a rough idea of what the album is about. We looked for different locations and chose the best ones that would work with the idea of our album. We had to familiarize ourselves with some different digipaks from the same genre which gave us an idea of what we wanted ours look like.

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October 7

Our mission Statement

In order to make our digipak, we had to look at our strategy and mission statement. The purpose of this exercise is to focus on the campaign and branding as this has to feel like part of a unified design.

This includes 4 main parts:

  • Our Audience
  • A call to action
  • Who is our competition
  • Our Unique Selling Point
  • Mission Statement

This helps us create our digipak for a preferred reading from our audience and we can focus directly on their demographics and the conventions that will best fit them.



October 7

Music Video Draft 4

What has changed:

  • We have added more punchbag shots
  • Changed certain placements of shots
  • Made more of the narrative black and white
  • Played with the colour of the performance shots

We then had a pair of media students look at our Draft 4

Our peers feedback included:

  • Looking more at the colours and playing with the saturation of shots
  • Look at the van in one of the shots and position the shot better
  • They think the narrative is clear
  • The performer fits the song
  • The lipsyncing is on the beat

Our targets moving forward include:

  • Looking at each shot and the saturation we use and so the performance looks consistent throughout
  • Scale and fit some shots so that there is a better depth of field
  • Look at some effects and if they are needed throughout