July 7

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

In this task we had to a green screen studio to practice our lip syncing.


  • We took various shots from mid shots to close ups to so we could have a bit of variety to use when making this short song performance.
  • The lip sync worked well with the song.


  • We should have planned ahead for our singers to learn the song as they struggled to remember the words.
  • There were shorter duration of clips to put together.


June 30

Test Shoots

For our test shoot, we already had a variety of shots that we planned to use inspired by our pallet. We then chose a snippet of the song “On my Mind” by Jorja Smith.

Why on earth would I leave
If you were everything I wanted you to be?
When I saw what you did, who you were with
Got me questioning the things that I believe

To make sure everything went to plan we planned to bring:

  • A tripod
  • A camera
  • A charged battery
  • Use a chair for tracking shot

Below is the footage that we got during our test shoot, which we then took to Premiere Pro to edit into a small sequence. Overall I am happy with our edit and think it was successful.

What went well:

  • The variety of shots that we had
  • The lipsyncing with the lyrics
  • The edit with the beat
  • It follows the genre of music chosen

It would have been better if:

  • We had even more of a variety of shots
  • Using more effects and filters
  • Pan and track shots smoother
  • Maybe added a few clips without the singing in

The representation of our star went well, as our confident, carefree star image came across and we managed to get enough coverage to convey her star image brand. However, for the future, we should think about getting even more footage to get the best shot out of each take.


March 11

Prelim Task Mood Montage



I think my montage shows does show that the best things in life are free and has an impact after people have watched it. I think there is a story going through the video of one person helping the other to discover what good things can be done to make other people happy such as giving a present or surprise to someone else or just even holding the door open. At 0:18 in the video the man receives a cake from a friend and he looks pleased and shocked after taking it, this shows you can do something nice and it will have an impact on someone once doing something they might go do the same or something else to help someone feel better that day. I used the same scenes but I took it from different angles to get different perspectives from each person as it gives a better understanding of how the people feel. Another idea we had in mind was someone who seem upset but then received a hug from someone else to cheer them up.