draft 4

We sorted out the colouring of the performance shots as we felt they were too exposed and saturated.

Feedback in video

  • Too blue – performance
  • Cuts too sharp, colour
  • Some shots too dark
  • Felt the pause when he was sat still
  • Don’t hold tree trunk long enough
  • Contrast is high (around 2 50)
  • Keep Continuity
  • Awkward shot of Tia turning Owen
  • Equal shot of Owen looking at Tia
  • Chorus is cut very well
  • Nice shot of Tia against wall
  • Some good pans
  • Good shot of me near end

Audience thoughts:

  • Thought genre was indie/alternate
  • Tia very somber – good
  • Owen is energetic – A good contrast
  • Romantic connection throughout
  • Girl feels lonely as well as owen
  • Realise they need each other
  • Girl is trying to look for the boy

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