Production Skills Evaluation 2

During this project I have learnt many skills, mainly transferable skills. One of these is being able to act on feedback given by peers. This is a very important skill as not only is it something that can be used multiple places but it also shows an opinion from another person outside the project. It will help us to develop our video to be the best of our ability based on feedback from audience members.

Another skill is being more efficient when editing our video. Saving time is very important as it will then allow us to spend more time on things considered more important. We learnt how to use and adjustment layer which meant that any effects of colour correcting didn’t go on the raw footage but instead a layer which could be copied across all the performance clips. This meant that we didn’t have to go into each video file individually and change the effects while also making sure every one looked the same.

We still have a lot to learn and many skills to develop which could help us. For example, some of our performance shots were too exposed and saturated so we turned it down based on our feedback and then made it too blue. These skills are things that are very time consuming as we have to keep going back and correcting it but we have still learnt a lot and developed a lot of skills.

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