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Production Skills Evaluation 2

During this project I have learnt many skills, mainly transferable skills. One of these is being able to act on feedback given by peers. This is a very important skill as not only is it something that can be used multiple places but it also shows an opinion from another person outside the project. It will help us to develop our video to be the best of our ability based on feedback from audience members.

Another skill is being more efficient when editing our video. Saving time is very important as it will then allow us to spend more time on things considered more important. We learnt how to use and adjustment layer which meant that any effects of colour correcting didn’t go on the raw footage but instead a layer which could be copied across all the performance clips. This meant that we didn’t have to go into each video file individually and change the effects while also making sure every one looked the same.

We still have a lot to learn and many skills to develop which could help us. For example, some of our performance shots were too exposed and saturated so we turned it down based on our feedback and then made it too blue. These skills are things that are very time consuming as we have to keep going back and correcting it but we have still learnt a lot and developed a lot of skills.

draft 4

We sorted out the colouring of the performance shots as we felt they were too exposed and saturated.

Feedback in video

  • Too blue – performance
  • Cuts too sharp, colour
  • Some shots too dark
  • Felt the pause when he was sat still
  • Don’t hold tree trunk long enough
  • Contrast is high (around 2 50)
  • Keep Continuity
  • Awkward shot of Tia turning Owen
  • Equal shot of Owen looking at Tia
  • Chorus is cut very well
  • Nice shot of Tia against wall
  • Some good pans
  • Good shot of me near end

Audience thoughts:

  • Thought genre was indie/alternate
  • Tia very somber – good
  • Owen is energetic – A good contrast
  • Romantic connection throughout
  • Girl feels lonely as well as owen
  • Realise they need each other
  • Girl is trying to look for the boy

Music Video Draft 3

What’s new

  • We have added new shots that we think work better based on previous feedback
  • We have also stabilised most of the shots
  • We have colour corrected some of the studio shots as well as others

YouTube comments from peers:


Targets for improvement:

  • make some of the shots less exposed and saturated
  • Make some of the shots lighter/darker
  • Add some more colour corrections to the shots
  • Make some of the shots flow into each other better so it’s not as jumpy

New PMA/Storyboards

This is the Production Meeting Agenda for the new shoot we need to do to get the extra shots for our music video. This includes narrative and also performance as their is specific shots that I didn’t think had worked and during my teacher’s feedback I also got told to replace certain shots.

The risk assessment for this shoot is the same as all the previous shoots:

I have looked over all of the footage and decided which shots we need to look over and possibly redo:


  • Shot 9: looking into the forest needs a better shot


  • Shoulder tapping should change to just a touch to get him to turn around
  • Maybe redo all of it so his shirt isn’t creased


  • All shots with guitar are out of time with the music
  • Possibly redo all of it without guitar?

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback if appropriate

We were lucky enough to have people from Specsavers Creative team come in and help us with our editing and to teach us new skills and techniques that would make our video flow and look better. The feedback I was given was:

  • To make the shots more steady using the stabilizer effect on the warp effect
  • To colour correct the studio footage so that they all look the same
  • To replace the shots that I don’t think are very good or conventional

Below are some videos that I can refer to if I don’t remember how to do these techniques:


Colour correcting:

Production Skills Evaluation 1

This term I have learn loads of new design and production skills/techniques. I have also gotten better at making compromises and working in a team so that we both have things that we want in the video that we are making together. We are both good at helping each other and giving feedback without arguing so that the end product is the best we can produce. Another skill I have improved on a lot is my editing skills, for example, I have found out certain ways that I can edit quicker and more efficiently so that I can make things easier for myself and my partner. These techniques include certain tools such as the razor tool to quickly put a bit of footage into a section of the music video. Below is a picture of me editing my music video in premier pro.

This is the razor tool that I used. This made editing a lot quicker and easier to do.

I’ve also found out how to colour correct certain parts of the video and also how to make a adjustment layer. An adjustment layer is basically something you can put over a certain bit of consistent footage to make all of them look the same. You change the coloring and put on what effects you want and then copy and paste it over the footage. This was really useful where we had studio shots for the performance and the lighting had slightly changed, it allowed us to make all of the studio footage look the same.

Another helpful thing I found out how to do is how to stabilize the shots. This helped when we were out in the open for the tunnels and the climbing because the wind made the shots very shaky. It allowed me to make the footage flow better and look better to the audience.

All of these new skills impacted how the star image is shown as now all of the focus is now on the stars rather than the mistakes that would’ve been in the video.

Feedback from teacher


  • the strumming is slightly out of time with the music
  • Be careful of breaking the 4th wall (done twice)
  • cut to closeup of tree and the continuing journey
  • Good transition shot at 1:08
  • 1:32 performance location changes straight after each other which isn’t good
  • When she runs into wall and leave is too far apart, needs to enter sooner
  • need to stabilize shots in the middle
  • Connect the shots of her frustrated around 2:23
  • more cut to closeups
  • Would’ve been better to have filmed her climbing from above rather than below
  • too many tracking shots
  • Don’t tap him on the shoulder just touch him
  • Put the hug in slow-mo


  • More cut to closeups
  • sort out the order of the narrative and performance shots
  • take away some of the tracking shots
  • Film at a higher angle
  • Re-film her just touching her shoulder

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative


Our narrative shoot went really well as we made sure to be organised before doing any videoing. Despite having multiple locations, we managed to do the shoot and get all the shots we needed while also telling the story we wanted to through the narrative. Since we had planned everything out just before the shoot, we were able to get the shots we needed efficiently and quickly which meant we could add in extra shots that we could add in wherever needed.

We could’ve done both locations in the same day but we ended up losing time because we made sure to have fun while on the shoot to ensure that we weren’t acting too serious when filming. This actually out us behind a bit though because we had to organise another shoot just to get the rest of the shots we needed for the beginning of the story line which wasted time and meant we had more work to do.


  • Make sure to stick to the storyboard throughout
  • Get more closeups
  • Be careful not to be too repetitive with the shots that are used.
  • Make the shots more steady

Narrative shoot evaluation

For our narrative shoot, we went to four different locations: Grandes Rocques, Albeck, My house and cows horn. All of these locations worked really well and we were lucky with the weather meaning the lighting in the shots were really good. We managed to stick to the plans we made on the risk assessment to keep us and the equipment safe. This ensured we could also return everything without it being broken.

Below is all of the narrative organised but with the song shortened:


  • Everything was well organised and everyone knew what to bring and where to meet
  • We knew exactly what the general story we wanted to portray across was thanks to our storyboard
  • We a had a good idea of what different shots we needed to use


  • Started to get repetitive with the shots
  • Missed out on some important aspects which resulted in us changing slightly
  • Didn’t follow shot by shot which meant that we changed things

Risk assessment

This is the risk assessment me and my partner filled out before our narrative shoot. A risk assessment is very important as it will highlight all of the dangers and things we need to be careful of while on the shoot.


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