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Web Page Draft 2

Below is a screen castify from our teacher:


  • simplistic
  • works with brand
  • likes all about ARDEN
  • and push to merchandise
  • clean
  • good design


  • need an introduction/explanation of music video
  • sort out album on music page
  • have a separate page
  • own images for events
  • more information
  • need gossip, news and more about music/artist
  • need more connection between audience and star
  • more appealing for audience to buy stuff
  • more personalised


  • Introduce the music video/ make the video more appealing
  • Put in our album on the music page and link it to the song
  • Possibly input a few more albums with links as well
  • Tour dates and upcoming events need a separate page on the navigation bar
  • For the upcoming events tab our own images need to be used
  • Need a section on gossip/news
  • A separate section with more about the artist so they can connect to the audience more

Things from the checklist

  • Gallery/some photos of the star
  • News – add in a news page about the artist and his music
  • Drop down menus?
  • Link the upcoming events to ticket websites
  • Introduction for the music video

Website Draft 1 self assessment

First Draft – Website:

Home Page


Music Page

Merchandise Page

Contact Page

Above is the first draft of my website for my artist ‘ARDEN’.

Self assessment:

My website includes multimedia, images, video, texts and links. Some of the images we decided to use are also used in a similar way in our Digipack and music video. This creates a sense of everything belonging to a certain brand. The use of IT is acceptable but certain aspects such as the images, text and colour could be slightly adjusted to help convey a stronger brand and star image. We have definitely stuck to our hopes of representing our artist as a chilled, colourful and laid back character.

The layout of our website and the pages all operate in a functional manner and allow the audience to navigate easily but also interact with certain aspects. The use of the bold headlines, captions and also inserts help to communicate and put across the brand to the audience – these actually stand out more and interest the audience. Other aspects such as the headlines, captions and menu categories also help to encourage the reader to access the information and entertainment sections of the website. To be able to do this there are pushes and pulls that we have included to encourage the audience to clink and interact with the site. This call to action is very effective and successful in helping people in terms of navigating their way easily to the area of the site such as the ticket sales and merchandise stores but also how to connect and contact the star and his team. Our overall layout is very basic and simple.

The menu and navigation icons are very functional and work well. The typical conventions of a landing page and the pages that are connected to this page work well and the website is easily accessible and functional for the audience. The landing page has a lot of focus on new and exciting things the artist is showing such as a new album and up and coming tour dates but also a introduction to the star which will help him connect to the audience more. However, this website is lacking a lot of other things to connect to the artist more such as news, gossip and more images.

Level : Low level 4 (C)

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

This is the rough flow chart of our website. We have tried to make it as simple but informative as possible while also being interactive and engaging. The Home page/ Splash page will include a sub text about the star and also tour dates and upcoming events. On the music page we will include the song and the music video we created. We will then also have a shop page which will advertise all of the merchandise we create and we will have a separate contact page. The navigation bar and social media platforms will be consistent throughout the website.

The template we have decided on is very simplistic and easy to navigate as that is what is conventional and preferred by the genre’s audience.

Audience interaction with a website – an analysis

After analysing a professional website we have concluded the important aspects of a website. Blumler and Katz talked about terms such as : entertainment, information, personal identity and social interaction. All of these terms they believed were very important in engaging the audience and getting them to interact with the website. AIDA has a similar idea but talks about attraction, desire, call to action and interest. We managed to identify an example of all of these terms on the website we analysed. This tells me that in order to create a successful music website, we need to make sure to include the typical website conventions such as the navigation bar and convergent links as well as things to engage the audience.

Website Terminology

Below is a presentation where I have identified certain aspects of a music website. Most of these attributes me and my partner will need to include in our website when we create it as it will ensure it is conventional and appealing to the audience.