Narrative Development

Planning out by bullet-pointing what we want to achieve in the shot, specific camera angles, shot transitions and locations is a simple and easy way to plan out exactly what we want for each area of the story. This will be important and very helpful when we come to planning our narrative on the storyboard. The bullet points allow us to include the characters, themes, conflict and content in each point in the music video. Doing this will allow us to have a greater idea of exactly what we want to achieve for our storyboard and finally, our music video.

Our narrative structure is amplification, this is where the narrative is inspired by the song adds an element to the themes and subject matter of the song. Our song is about ‘not worrying’ and our music video follows a young man who is being followed by his anxiety and paranoia which is portrayed by a dark, masked figure, this gives a dark theme matching similarly to our genre. Our music video is a combination of performance and narrative where the performance and the narrative are separate but the singer of the band is the main character of the narrative. The character becomes progressively more anxious and seems to develop more of a ‘psychotic’ persona. The structure is similar to other videos within our genre, featuring a disequilibrium in the middle, which can be seen as a narrative disruption as it is the turning point in the story.

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