Music Video Draft 4

We took into consideration the comments from the other classes and changed and tweaked the parts that they suggested to improve the music video.

  • We shortened some long clips and cut them to the beat of the song
  • We cut out the unnecessary shots, for example the paper being thrown into the bin as that has no relevance to the narrative
  • We added in more narrative shots so that the narrative makes more sense
  • Where the masked figure comes into contact with the character, we included the character walking up to the mirror in between flashes where it cut to black. This makes the narrative make more sense

We have also included a Screencastify of another student to get peer feedback. She said what she likes and what can be included and tweaked to make our music video better.

  • We could include a wider variety of shot distances
  • We could cut more to the beat at the beginning where there are claps for the beat
  • More cinematography
  • A bit less walking in the narrative

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