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Music Video Draft 4

We took into consideration the comments from the other classes and changed and tweaked the parts that they suggested to improve the music video.

  • We shortened some long clips and cut them to the beat of the song
  • We cut out the unnecessary shots, for example the paper being thrown into the bin as that has no relevance to the narrative
  • We added in more narrative shots so that the narrative makes more sense
  • Where the masked figure comes into contact with the character, we included the character walking up to the mirror in between flashes where it cut to black. This makes the narrative make more sense

We have also included a Screencastify of another student to get peer feedback. She said what she likes and what can be included and tweaked to make our music video better.

  • We could include a wider variety of shot distances
  • We could cut more to the beat at the beginning where there are claps for the beat
  • More cinimatography
  • A bit less walking in the narrative

Production Skills Evaluation 2

We experimented with this effect when the character walks up to the mirror and in the reflection it is the masked character. This shows the character becoming the masked figure by the figure essentially taking over the character’s body. How the figure gradually fades in makes this scene have a ghostly feel to it as the masked figure is mysterious and then the audience can then have an idea of who the masked character is but not completely giving it away. The mystery of the character looking at the masked figure’s reflection adds enigma to the narrative as the audience wants to know who it is, this helps the narrative structure.

Echo Effect

We were planning on using the echo effect on the reaction shots. We were going to slow down the clips and put the echo effect over it to really capture the feelings of anxiety and paranoia that we are trying to portray in this music video.

Folders (Organisation)

When the Specsavers man, Lenny Lenfestey came in again he suggested we make folders to organise our clips so we don’t have them in a jumble. Having them in different folders will make finding each clip easier and it will be more organised for the future when we need to find specific shots. It will make our work more efficient so we know where all the clips are and we can find them quicker and easier.

Music Video Draft 3

This is our draft 3 for our music video. In this draft we included some effects and added some more shots. For example we filmed and added in some short shots of objects such as traffic lights, a phone dropping and a door slamming. I feel that this improves the portrayal of the anxiety and paranoia in the video.

We got some feedback from the other classes saying what they liked, what worked and what we can do to improve our video.

Taken from these comments and what we as a group think we can improve, here are our targets:

  • Quicker jump cuts (to the beat of the song)
  • More close up reaction shots of Jack looking anxious
  • Slow motion in places (echo effect)
  • Clearer narrative (get rid of unnecessary shots)
  • Sort out lip syncing
  • Maybe get rid of the smoke effect on the performance shots
  • Sort out the frame within a frame shot at 2:22
  • Shots where he isn’t singing insert narrative clips instead
  • Needs more of a lead up to the unmasking

New Storyboard/PMA

This the new production meeting agenda for pick up shots for our narrative. We’re using the same location that we used for part of the original narrative shoot and we used areas around school as well to get object and background shots.

We made a new storyboard so we know exactly what we want and need for our pick-up shots. This storyboard is a lot smaller and only included 12 shots. These are what we need to improve our narrative and to portray the theme in a better way. We added the specific shots that we need for the reaction shots so we can capture the feelings of anxiety and paranoia of the character.

Feedback From Teacher

This is the screencastify from our teacher that has our targets and feedback:

  1. Make the narrative clearer – give a meaning to why he is leaving the house and where he is going.
  2. Need more close-ups, primarily in performance, for example when the singer first begins, having a close-up of his face.
  3. Likes match-on-action of him opening the door.
  4. Praised the variety of framing and angles used, e.g. the high-angle above the bunker.
  5. Develop the idea that he is becoming more anxious by interlinking it with the performance sections.
  6. “Interesting transitions work okay” – these could be improved upon.
  7. Much needed emphasis on the sighing in the middle of the song – perhaps a close-up?
  8. “Stuttered ghost effect is good”
  9. Need to show more evidence of his anxiety somehow


Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This Draft 2 of our music video. This is both the narrative and the performance shoots. We synced it up so the lip syncing is in time with the actual music. This differs from our Draft 1 which was just snippets from our performance shoot. I feel this can be tweaked to fit the genre more and to capture the emotion of what the video is trying to portray.

  • Need more shots of the character ‘going mad’
  • Need more close-up shots to portray the emotion
  • Possible more interaction between the character and the masked figure to portray his anxiety better so the audience can understand what’s going on

Audience Ideologies

I look at two examples from the YouGov Profiles. I looked the profiles of two bands in the pop rock genre, Green Day and Fall Out Boy. This gave me some ideas of what my audience will be like and what they will enjoy and will want to see within the music video. It is important to know your audience so you can include ideologies, themes, issues and ideas in the media that will interest them and draw them to keep watching your media. If you include the things that they find pleasing, then they are more likely to enjoy and buy the media that is aimed at them.

I feel that my audience member would fit into the Tribe Wired psychographic grouping as he is young and he will enjoy being free spirited. He will also be influenced digitally and he may also possibly fit in the Individualists grouping aswell as he is a type of person that will want to show that he is different. As this genre isn’t a ‘generic’ genre, the people who are into the genre won’t be ‘generic’ people, they will want to be out of the ordinary and to express what they feel they are, which is different and individual.

Production Skills Evaluation 1


We used transitions between some of the clips to make them smoother and to make other clips fit together. For example the scene where the character walks behind the tree and the masked character walks out. We used a simple flash transition due to the light and the background setting shifting slightly between filming shots. In most of the shots they are just quick and frequent jump cuts to portray the paranoia that the character is feeling in the music video.


To start out editing, we first found the shots that turned out the best and cut out the bits we didn’t need or were just irrelevant pieces. We then ordered the shots into the narrative order we wanted and then edited the performance shots in between the narrative shoots.We decided to make each scene shot quite short so for one, its not boring and secondly the shorter and more jumpy the cuts, the more the anxiety is portrayed through the clips.

Adding effects

For one of our scenes we layered two shots over the top of each other so it looked like the character is looking at the masked figure’s reflection in the mirror. Unfortunately the lighting changed over the time we filmed each shot so we had to correct the colour of the two shots to make them seem as one whole shot. We also added a smokey effect over the performance shots to make it more gloomy and less bright and colorful.

Shoot Reflection (Narrative)

For our shoot we first met up at our actor’s house and started to film our shots that we needed for the start of our narrative for our music video. Again, Andre, Ben and I were all there and we all had a turn at filming and directing. We then went to film in Candie Gardens. I thought that the bushes and plants would be a good background that will hide the masked figure well enough to be ‘not noticed’ by the character.

These are some photos that I took of the group filming in the two locations.

  • Firstly we filmed in the order that we wanted for the start of the narrative at the house so we didn’t miss anything.
  • Then we did a few takes of close ups of him opening the door and tying his shoes.
  • After that we did a few other shots of his reflection in the mirror and some shots of him with the masked figure in the background.
  • We then went to Candie Gardens and filmed a few shots of him walking and getting followed by this masked figure.
  • We filmed a range of shots including mid shots, long shots, panning shots and close ups of his reactions.

I feel this shoot went well as we got most, if not, all of the shots we needed. Unfortunately we started late because someone was late to the shoot so we lost about an hour and a half of filming time. These are some things that I feel could of helped us to have a more efficient shoot:

  • Have a clear plan of what shots we wanted and exactly how the character is portrayed in the footage so to make the shots work better and we could of included more shots.
  • We could have visited the area beforehand and had an idea of exactly what we wanted to shoot and where we wanted to shoot it. This would of given us maximum time and we could have achieved more.

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