Digipak Draft 2 With What Has Changed.

Below is my front page for the digipak.

Below is my Back page for the digipak.

Below is my inside Pages for the digipak.

We have changed many things in the pages above, for example some things we’ve changed are:#

Front page:

  • We added the glitch effect to Dylan
  • We changed the type faces for our band name and album name, we also changed the name to make it more conventional.

Back Page:

  • We added an image in behind everything
  • We changed the red numbers and letters to green so it matched the colour on the front page
  • We added the copyright notice at the bottom
  • We added in the second spine on the right hand side too

Inside Pages

  • The inside pages are going to be one whole page instead of two separate ones, it is of the model floating around conventional doodles we made ourselves.

Screen castify:

Targets for improvement:

  • Make it more clear which is the band and album name on spines and front pane
  • Add in the publisher on the spine
  • Add in more songs
  • Differ the contrast on the back pane photo
  • Turn the model upside down on the inside panes (so he appears to be falling)
  • Add in more doodles
  • Transfer colours from front pane to the others (maybe colour in the doodles with these colours)

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