Music Video Draft 4.

Our final draft of our music video:

Changes we’ve made to the video:

  • Some close ups didn’t match up with the music properly
  • We raised the contrast of the hospital scenes to make them obviously different to the performance side
  • We lengthened the montages so they played through twice, the second time playing backwards
  • We changed some of the colours on our performance as they were too orange and didn’t match up correctly
  • We put his hand twitching at the end of the video with the flat line effect
  • We slowed down some footage/put a warp stabilisation on it to help steady the images and flow together more

Video of the audience watching our video:

Targets for improvement:

  • Some of the shots could have been in better focus and at better angles
  • Some shots could have been appropriately measured to the amount and colour of light to match one another
  • To have more range of shots such as more close ups of instruments/singers and mid shots of everyone
  • Add in much more movement as there wasn’t enough

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