Website Draft 1 Self Assessment.

Below if the landing page of our website:

Below is our home page after scrolling down slightly:

The link to our website:

The assessment criteria:

  • I think we used a wide range of multimedia as we used videos, images, text and links. All of these engage the audience, especially the links as they are a call to action. Text is a way in which the audience can learn about the band and understand more about them and their star image. Using images in our website help the audience to understand their past, almost like a diary of where they have been and what they have been doing, again helping the audience to connect with them more and see the stars as more ordinary, this is also helped by the convergent links linking them to the artist’s social media pages.
  • I believe we used a clear system of navigation throughout are website and it is obvious how to get to another page or other websites via links, our convergent links are obvious and at the top of the page on the landing page, it is one of the first things the audience’s eye is drawn to. The navigation panel is on every page, making it obvious and easy for the audience to get around the website.
  • I think our page layout and design elements support our audience’s interaction as we used colours that are seen often in our genre and it is a very simple website to navigate and rich in all media types, meaning our audience will not get confused or bored. We used one of the colours from our digipak to highlight how they are connected to one another, i think this was an important design element we chose to do.
  • It definitely promotes a call to action with obvious link and colours engaging the audience, on many pages we have shown the music video and/or song, really pushing that we want them to listen to it/watch it.
  • I believe we are working at a level 4.


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