So how did it go?

I believe my final magazine ended up quite well. I had to learn many new skills (such as transferable, creative and technical skills) which I got the hang of quite quickly, this means I could be more creative with how I wanted to design my magazine.

We had to do a lot of research about magazines in general to begin with and I think this really helped me to understand what should and shouldn’t be involved in my own magazine. I think I ended up with quite a difficult genre as it has a lot of set stereotypes that are expected of the genre, this means it was difficult to create a more modern version of a country music magazine. Although I am quite pleased with how my final magazine looked.

So… How is it Going?

I have learnt many new skills when creating my magazine and I believe this will help me in future jobs and work that I do. By learning all of the basic techniques now I can develop them to make them even better by the time I come to do more professional work, this will also help me to become more relaxed and confident with the software I use. I like getting feedback from lots of different people to get their point of view on my magazine and how to improve it, I believe this really helps me to make a better magazine that the audience will enjoy. Trying lots of different fonts and colours helps improve how obvious my genre is so that it will appeal to the correct audience as well as mise-en-scene.

So… I am Ready to Photograph my Star.

I have learnt a lot about camera and mise-en-scene that I believe will help me communicate our brand ideas. I’ve learned how to use the manual settings on a camera so that I have complete control, and now I know how to do flash photography so my photos will look even better and more professional. I think that knowing a lot about mise-en-scene is going to help me as I know exactly what my star needs to wear, the poses and facial expressions needed to entice the correct audience and give the right feel to the magazine for the genre I have chosen. I think it is important to represent my star image as an approachable, relaxed, family man because that is what his fans have come to expect and I must ensure I meet their expectations. Finally I need to make sure I am organised so that my shoot and production will go as smoothly as possible.

So… I’m Ready to Make Some Media.

When making my own magazine I need to think specifically about what fonts and colours I use, as this alone can give a great impression to the audience as to what the magazine is about and what it portrays. We also want to make sure that I only use 2 or 3 fonts, but no more as this can get confusing for the reader.

Another thing I need to think about when making my own magazine is about the positioning of the text and photo/photos. We don’t want the magazine to be overcrowded but we also don’t want the magazine to be bare with hardly anything on it, so I need to make sure I can find the right balance between both things. This is to make sure we don’t overwhelm the reader and send them away but to entice them with an eye catching stylish, suitable magazine cover.

I also need to think about who my target audience is and make sure that the design of the magazine is specific to them, this will increase the amount of viewers and buyers.