web Page Draft 2.

The link to our website: https://06batese01.wixsite.com/perfect-confusion

Screen castify:

Targets for improvement:

  • Add some more merch
  • Add in some more album covers
  • Put in more media and news
  • Links to Ticketmaster and social medias
  • Put the videos etc higher up on the landing page
  • Use our own names to make it more personalised on contact page
  • Add in some other colour like the red from our digipak

Website Draft 1 Self Assessment.

Below if the landing page of our website:

Below is our home page after scrolling down slightly:

The link to our website:


The assessment criteria:

  • I think we used a wide range of multimedia as we used videos, images, text and links. All of these engage the audience, especially the links as they are a call to action. Text is a way in which the audience can learn about the band and understand more about them and their star image. Using images in our website help the audience to understand their past, almost like a diary of where they have been and what they have been doing, again helping the audience to connect with them more and see the stars as more ordinary, this is also helped by the convergent links linking them to the artist’s social media pages.
  • I believe we used a clear system of navigation throughout are website and it is obvious how to get to another page or other websites via links, our convergent links are obvious and at the top of the page on the landing page, it is one of the first things the audience’s eye is drawn to. The navigation panel is on every page, making it obvious and easy for the audience to get around the website.
  • I think our page layout and design elements support our audience’s interaction as we used colours that are seen often in our genre and it is a very simple website to navigate and rich in all media types, meaning our audience will not get confused or bored. We used one of the colours from our digipak to highlight how they are connected to one another, i think this was an important design element we chose to do.
  • It definitely promotes a call to action with obvious link and colours engaging the audience, on many pages we have shown the music video and/or song, really pushing that we want them to listen to it/watch it.
  • I believe we are working at a level 4.


Flow Chart and Preferred Template.

Below is our group flow chart to explain how our website will work and be layed out.
The wix template we chose was the ‘alternative rock’ one in the ‘music’ category. There were many reasons as to why we picked this template. Firstly we really liked the colours, and we think they are conventional to the genre. We liked the modern layout and both thought it seemed very organised and structured, we liked that about it.Above is our website landing page – The link to our website: https://06batese01.wixsite.com/mysite-1

Digipak Draft 3.

We gave 15 people a survey after viewing our digipak to see if they would understand which genre it was as well as which adjectives describe it best. This helps us make sure we are pitching it to the right audience and giving them what they expect. We will now review our audience’s survey and work on the feedback they gave us to make our digipak better for our target audience. We will do this by using the feeback they have given us and adding/taking away certain things from our digipak to make it better. I believe in the end we got the preferred reading, the audience responded in a way that we expected to our digipak. We seemed to have encoded everything that the audience decoded.

Front Pane:

Inside Panes:

Back Pane:

Our survey:

Which genre would you best associate this Digipak?

Pop – 0

Rap | – 1

Electronic – 0

Alternative Indie |||||||||||| – 12

Heavy Metal || – 2

Other – 0


Which two adjectives are most appropriate to describe this Digipak?


Melancholic || – 0


Dreamy |||||||||||| – 14

Romantic – 0

Rebellious || – 2

Painful || – 2

Creative |||||||| – 8

Other (Morbid) |, (Disturbed |, (Quirky) |, (Depressing) | – 4

Front pane in case

Inside panes in case

Back pane in case

Spine in case


Music Video Draft 4.

Our final draft of our music video:

Changes we’ve made to the video:

  • Some close ups didn’t match up with the music properly
  • We raised the contrast of the hospital scenes to make them obviously different to the performance side
  • We lengthened the montages so they played through twice, the second time playing backwards
  • We changed some of the colours on our performance as they were too orange and didn’t match up correctly
  • We put his hand twitching at the end of the video with the flat line effect
  • We slowed down some footage/put a warp stabilisation on it to help steady the images and flow together more

Video of the audience watching our video:

Targets for improvement:

  • Some of the shots could have been in better focus and at better angles
  • Some shots could have been appropriately measured to the amount and colour of light to match one another
  • To have more range of shots such as more close ups of instruments/singers and mid shots of everyone
  • Add in much more movement as there wasn’t enough