Digipak Draft 3.

We gave 15 people a survey after viewing our digipak to see if they would understand which genre it was as well as which adjectives describe it best. This helps us make sure we are pitching it to the right audience and giving them what they expect. We will now review our audience’s survey and work on the feedback they gave us to make our digipak better for our target audience. We will do this by using the feeback they have given us and adding/taking away certain things from our digipak to make it better. I believe in the end we got the preferred reading, the audience responded in a way that we expected to our digipak. We seemed to have encoded everything that the audience decoded.

Front Pane:

Inside Panes:

Back Pane:

Our survey:

Which genre would you best associate this Digipak?

Pop – 0

Rap | – 1

Electronic – 0

Alternative Indie |||||||||||| – 12

Heavy Metal || – 2

Other – 0


Which two adjectives are most appropriate to describe this Digipak?


Melancholic || – 0


Dreamy |||||||||||| – 14

Romantic – 0

Rebellious || – 2

Painful || – 2

Creative |||||||| – 8

Other (Morbid) |, (Disturbed |, (Quirky) |, (Depressing) | – 4

Front pane in case

Inside panes in case

Back pane in case

Spine in case


Digipak Draft 2 With What Has Changed.

Below is my front page for the digipak.

Below is my Back page for the digipak.

Below is my inside Pages for the digipak.

We have changed many things in the pages above, for example some things we’ve changed are:#

Front page:

  • We added the glitch effect to Dylan
  • We changed the type faces for our band name and album name, we also changed the name to make it more conventional.

Back Page:

  • We added an image in behind everything
  • We changed the red numbers and letters to green so it matched the colour on the front page
  • We added the copyright notice at the bottom
  • We added in the second spine on the right hand side too

Inside Pages

  • The inside pages are going to be one whole page instead of two separate ones, it is of the model floating around conventional doodles we made ourselves.

Screen castify:

Targets for improvement:

  • Make it more clear which is the band and album name on spines and front pane
  • Add in the publisher on the spine
  • Add in more songs
  • Differ the contrast on the back pane photo
  • Turn the model upside down on the inside panes (so he appears to be falling)
  • Add in more doodles
  • Transfer colours from front pane to the others (maybe colour in the doodles with these colours)

Digipak Draft 1.

Below is my first draft of my front cover for the digipak.

We didn’t do much editing in the way of Photoshop, we darkened the image a little and made it lack colour, but not quite black and white, we did use small coloured dots to make it a little more interesting but this will be changed in our second draft as we don’t think it quite works. The use of camera also wasn’t very skilled, we used a very simple plain white background, and just a model, no props. The camera faced him straight on at no angle and I think this proves that this wasn’t a very skilled use of camera techniques.

The mise-en-scene:

costume – We used very simple costume as being topless but with smart black trousers and shoes on.

lighting – We put the light behind him to create a shadowed effect on his front half, I thought this use of low key lighting was interesting.

action/acting – He is curled up looking almost in pain which fits in perfectly with the name of the album (chronic).

make-up and hair – We left his face plain of make-up and left his hair how it was.

props – We used no props to make him look lonely and isolated.

setting – The setting we used was a plain white background of the white studio.

The type-faces we used were very simple and they were both white, the second font we are planning on changing because it doesn’t work with our digipak.

Evaluation of Shoot.

Our shoot ended up going quite smoothly, there are still some shots we might need to re-take or add to the contact sheets although most of them went well.

The shots under the sheet didn’t go quite as I would have liked them too as it was quite difficult to create a clear definition of the body parts, for example where the arms and head were. We tried different placements of lighting and trying to tuck the sheets underneath his arms etc but nothing seemed to work to the extent we wanted them too.

The shots with the chair didn’t quite work either because the chair didn’t quite fit in with out genre, we also tried a plastic one but that also didn’t really work out. Although I did like the way the suit flowed out underneath him, implying he had no control over it.

And finally the shot where Dylan was crouching worked out rather well and ended up being our groups favourite, The way the lighting worked looked quite interesting and the shape he made with his body seemed distant and cold, very much like the genre we were trying to portray.

Overall the shoot went very well and I think we have lots of photos to choose from although as I said we may need to go back out and shoot some more.

Contact Sheets.

Below are the contact sheets from our shoot, we decided to do a very un-natural design, this is why the human body had been put in places that it wouldn’t usually be, for example hanging over a chair, or underneath a sheet, we wanted something that looked almost surreal and odd. We also wanted something that wasn’t colourful or complex, we wanted a simple design that we could write over the top of and made the audience think more deeply what the photo is about. We tried to use a variety of camera angles.

Photoshoot/Design Production Meeting Agenda and Risk Assessment.

Below is the Production Meeting Agenda for our digipak and website shoot. We decided to change our idea because the first idea was too complex, we wanted something my simple and with less colour. The idea of having a sofa and cutting holes in the middle of it was just too unrealistic, and so doing a shoot at school with simple props if any at all was much more realistic and connected with our genre more. On most of the indie alternative digipak’s I’ve already seen are very simple and don’t have much on the cover in terms of colour, shapes, photos or text.

Below is the signed Risk Assessment.

Change of Idea.

After our initial idea of using Elephant Masks and standing our models through a sofa, we set out to try and find the relevant props and costume in order to achieve this idea. However, we unfortunately could not source the Mise-En-Scene needed to physically re-create this shoot. Therefore we changed our idea after being inspired by an image we saw on Pinterest which we thought looked incredibly effective and conventional with our genre that would be easier to achieve.

Digipak Collage and Handdrawn Mock Ups.

Below is our collage/moodboard for our digipak. We used this to help us understand our genre and target audience, this task helps us to aim our digipak correctly towards our audience, we aim to create a digipak using this, that is very unique and out there, for example we’re thinking of uaing animal masks, and a sofa but cutting holes through it so our band can stand in it, we want to create something very different that will catch attention and be memorable.

Below is the hand-drawn mock up of the idea we have for our digipak cover.

Our Mission Statement.

Who is your Audience?

Who they are (demographics)?

  • Male aged 18 to 24 with the social grade C2DE and females aged 18-24 with the social grade of ABC1

What other media they consume and participate in?

  • Own a portable music device to listen on the go
  • Facebook
  • The News
  • Twitter
  • Magazines

What their values attitudes and beliefs (ideology / psychographics)?

  • They are free spirited, lively people who are just trying to live their best lives
  • No Agression
  • Anti-conformist

A Call to Action

How do you want the audience to engage with your star / album?

  • Reflect on their actions
  • Follow similar trends
  • Wear same style clothing

How will they invest time and money in your star / album?

  • Purchase merchandises (e.g. mug, poster, magazine, clothing, etc)
  • Stream videos
  • Social Media

Who are the competition?

Name three similar bands / artists?

  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Florence and the Machine
  • The Killers

What are the trends in album designs of similar stars / bands?

  • Shapes
  • Shadows
  • Urban/Pastel colours
  • Black and White filters

What does their website look like?

  • Shapes.
  • Low-key lighting and coloured backgrounds.
  • Includes links and videos.
  • Categorized tabs.
  • Tour dates.
  • Gifs.
  • Quotes.
  • Shop ‘Buy Now’s’.
  • Photos Of The Band.
  • Music Videos.
  • Subscribe or sign up now and contact us at the bottom of page

Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

Is your star already established or are trying to establish a new presence in the market?

  • Our star is already established in the sense that they are conventional within the Indie/Alternative Genre, however to differ them we will continue to think of ways to express a new presence in the market, e.g. Paint faces, use of props, rotate positioning (upside down), unique and original poses.

What is your star image & how are you trying to innovate / develop that image?

Are you mixing up elements of different genres?

  • For an Indie/Alternative genre, we will be including a range of elements from different genres, e.g. rock, pop, hippie, emo, etc, to ensure that we attract and interest a wider range of audience types to fulfil everyone’s expectations and needs.

Are you trying to re-brand your star?

  • Yes, by launching and communicating the new identity followed by a strong mission statement, we will successfully re-brand our star to make them stand out in the market as well as follow the typical qualities which our target audience will expect.

Are you emphasising the ordinary or extraordinary?

  • Both, by following the conventional aspects within the Indie/Alternative genre (the ordinary), whilst rejecting this with our own originality will allow us to emphasise origionality and extraordinary by not fitting into the mainstream genres of the time.We will recap and refer to Dyer meta narratives to include both within our project.

Mission Statement

New band ‘Seventeen Seconds To London’ are indestructible. Influenced by the population’s passion for alternative music, they grab their audience through their energetic, playful and mesmerizing image.

They aim to produce the most unique and unpredictable music that will inspire their audience by thrilling them with a new fantastic creativity.