Music Video Draft 4.

Our final draft of our music video:

Changes we’ve made to the video:

  • Some close ups didn’t match up with the music properly
  • We raised the contrast of the hospital scenes to make them obviously different to the performance side
  • We lengthened the montages so they played through twice, the second time playing backwards
  • We changed some of the colours on our performance as they were too orange and didn’t match up correctly
  • We put his hand twitching at the end of the video with the flat line effect
  • We slowed down some footage/put a warp stabilisation on it to help steady the images and flow together more

Video of the audience watching our video:

Targets for improvement:

  • Some of the shots could have been in better focus and at better angles
  • Some shots could have been appropriately measured to the amount and colour of light to match one another
  • To have more range of shots such as more close ups of instruments/singers and mid shots of everyone
  • Add in much more movement as there wasn’t enough

Music Video Draft 3.

Above is the draft 3 of our music video, we changed many things since draft 2 for example:

  • Colour Correct
  • Stick to one room when showing performance
  • Add in the rest of the montages
  • Add life support machine at the end
  • Make more sense of the narrative/make them more dream-like
  • Add dip to whites on the montages

Comments on our video:


  • Aline the drumming with the beat better
  • Choose better shots for the guitar solo
  • More balance of the band and backstory
  • Cut out Olly at 2:46
  • Cut closer to Alex

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback.

In this session we got the chance to speak to some premiere pro experts who work for Specsavers, they know most things about what we are doing as so were able to help us to great lengths for our video to make it better. We also got a lot of feedback and useful tips for our video. Some of the things that I was told to have a go at or keep doing was:

  • Colour grading – The difference between the tungsten lights and daylight was drastic, this means it would be rather difficult to edit to make them the same colours (they need to be the same colours because the audience need to connect all of the footage together, this is easiest by colour grading as they’ll all be the same colour an therefore connect with each other). I had to adjust the temperature of the clip by playing around the the blue side of it,  this means that even though the colours in the video were quite orange, I could change them so they seemed more like daylight.
  • One thing that I had already done but he told me to keep doing it was to keep using bins and adjustment layers, this way I can be more organised with my footage and effects.

A YouTube video that may help me:


Feedback From Teacher.

Above is the screen casting for our music video ‘cold cold cold’.

Some of the feedback given was:

  • To have some better shots of the star singing as it almost looks as if he doesn’t know the words at times
  • Only use one room for the performance as it gets confusing
  • Don’t repeat shots in the narrative
  • Cut to close ups when there are drum or guitar close ups
  • Cut to the star straight away when he starts singing
  • Some shots were held for too long
  • Cuts to the narrative too fast, have more shots of the musicians first
  • Stabilise shots
  • Add in more narrative
  • Make the narrative videos really quick as if it’s a bad dream and he is flicking through his memories

So targets for next time would be to fix all of the issues above.

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative.

Self Assessment:

  • I think many things went well in our new draft such as, our cutting speed in certain places was good as it varied throughout the music video, although this could be taken further and we could add a very quick flicker of footage when he remembers certain things throughout his life.
  • Something that we could do to make the visuals much more satisfying, is to do colour correction, this means that the footage will match the rest so it doesn’t seem so different, as one shot may look very cold and almost blue, whereas the other may look too orange, this is important to make the footage connect with each other so the audience doesn’t get confused.


  • Things that we can do better are to add in more narrative shots
  • Make more sense of the narrative so the audience understand what’s going on
  • Make the shot the same colour
  • add in more effects
  • Make the more exciting bits of the music faster cutting speed to build the tension

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative).

Many things in our narrative shoot went well, but some things also went a bit wrong and could be improved on, and so here is a list of that:


  • I think our shot types were well thought out, there was a lot of variety
  • I like how we used movement in our shoot, we tried some different things, for example a ped and a tracking shot
  • I like the lighting we used, we used a mixture between natural sunlight (when filming outside) and the LED blue lights to really give that clean, cold, hospital feel
  • I like the amount of props we used, I think it made it much more obvious it was in a hospital because of the gown and saline bag


  • We were not very prepared for any of our shoots, and so many of the shots we came up with were thought of on the spot
  • The blanket we used on the table for the hospital scene was yellow, and I think this gave a strange feeling to the footage, if it was white I think this would have been better for the audience to make connections with the hospital
  • At times the footage was a bit jittery when doing movement and I think this could have been done better, although I think we can help it look much smoother when in post production

Production Meeting Agenda for Narrative Shoot.

Our aims for the shoot are to get everything completed that we planned, but to also make sure it’s done to a standard that we will be happy with, we will try to get as many different camera angles and distances as possible so we have a lot of footage to play around with, we will try not to waste time and get things done efficiently and quickly, but not rushed.