Digipak Conventions Analysis.

Here is a detailed analysis of Hozier’s Digipak. From this analysis I have gained an insight on what the typical conventions of an indie-pop Digipak. Some of these technical conventions are a barcode to sell the product in shops; two spines so that people can Identify the CD when on a shelf; the generic number of tracks on a CD (13). From my analysis, I now have a clearer understanding of what is conventional for an indie-pop digipak. This helped me so I know what to include on my Digipak, so that the audience know what to look for and it is clear for the audience so it will create predicted pleasure. Using these conventions will help me to encode my media for the audience to decode this will then decrease my chance of the audience rejecting the text. From analysing this Digipak, I know the mise-en-scene, that I should include in my own digipak.


Mission Statement.

Who is your Audience?


  • Who they are – There demographic is Female, between the ages of 20-37 years old. 
  • What other media they consume and participate in They watch a lot of tv shows which consist of singing, such as The voice, or Lip sync battle. 
  • What their values attitudes and beliefs (ideology / psychographics). Our target audience are relaxed and calm, but they also have an interest in politics. 


A Call to Action


  • How do you want the audience to engage with your star / album? Our star will engage with their fans through polls, social media and frequent youtube Q&A’s   
  • How will they invest time and money in your star / album? Our audience will invest their time and money into our band by buying the merchandise, downloading/streaming their music or paying to see them in concert. 


Who are the competition?


  • Name three similar bands / artists? Three similar artists are Callum scott, Ed sheeran, Hozier.
  • What are the trends in album designs of similar stars / bands? In the album design of these other artists I found they have a trend of simplest, one central image, or a face/symbol.  
  • What does their website look like?


Your USP (Unique Selling Point)


  • Is your star already established or are trying to establish a new presence in the market? Our star is trying to establish a new presence in the music market. 
  • What is your star image & how are you trying to innovate / develop that image? Our star image is conveying a regular man, clean cut and we want to have him able to relate with her audience so has problems with love.
  • Are you mixing up elements of different genres? We are mixing indie-pop and country-pop.
  • Are you trying to re-brand your star? I think we are trying to re-brand the star image and his connection with his audience but keep the heart and soul the same behind the music. 
  • Are you emphasising the ordinary or extraordinary? We are trying to show that he is ordinary by the fact that he goes through the same life experiences as his audience but keep him extraordinary by him producing new music, and having tours that his fans can go and see. 


Mission Statement:

Gallagher is an unbeatable singer songwriter, tastefully interweaving the indie-pop and country-pop genres make a soulfully unique blend of music. Gallagher’s music can be used by all, as a way of expressing their true feelings. He always rights about his life experiences that everyone struggles with as a way to connect with his audience. His new album “Doorway” which includes his single ‘Love is Lost’ is set to hit the charts with his new single already at number 3 world wide. 

Audience Ideologies.

Above is a profile I created for the typical audience of an indie pop star, to get a better understanding of the audience. Researching into the audience Demographics and psychographics, will allow me to encode the products as the producer to achieve a preferred reading for the audience when they decode our products. I also used Blumler and Katz “uses and gratification theory”. I used this so that I am sure the audience will get entertainment, information, social interaction and personally identify 

Production Skills Evaluation 2.

When editing the second draft, I used different techniques and skills that I can use in my music video. Here are some of the new skills I have learnt that I can use in my video:


  1. Subtle zoom in on a certain point in the video- This very useful as it can draw attention to a specific point in the video and highlight that object/persons importance in the video. This has helped as we can add different layers of tension to the video if we draw attention to something important and leave to the audience to figure out why it is important.
  2. Warp stabilizer- This helps to eliminate shakiness, if any, from a shot. This helped the video look more professional and give it a more stable appearance so when everything is falling apart in the video but the video in itself is steady. This skill helps impact on the narrative as it stabilizes the shows where everything is happy and put together, but when things are falling apart, there is a slight shake and movement to the camera to add to the disjointed nature of the narrative.
  3. Removing certain colours from a clip- I can removed all colour from one clip except red and highlighted one apple in the majority of that colour to single out that apple and shows its significance. Doing this will juxtapose the general conventions of the genre as the colours of this genre are monotonal, and not much difference between them. Having the red contrasting against the black and white creating a harsh colour that draws your attention towards the apple.

What went well: 

  • The removal of colour helped aid to the emphasis of the single apple which causes the rest of the narrative.
  • The warp stabilizer helped keep the shot steady. Therefore adding to the professionalism of the video.

Even Better If:

  • The colour removed fro the clip was removed from all of the apples bar that one and her hand to emphasise that single apple even more.
  •  I didn’t use the stabilizer on some of the shots to add the slight shake in the clip to show the lack of control going on in the video.

Specsavers Creative Team feedback.

One of our lessons we had the creative team from Specsavers come in and look at some of our work. They  asked us where we wanted to go with our music video, from there they gave us feedback on what we have done and then gave us tips, help and little tricks to make the editing process easier. some feedback we were given was:

  • We needed more of a variation with what order the different shots are going in throughout the video. This is to make it more interesting, and intriguing to watch. This has helped us as it allows us to create a more diverse interesting music video, which will make it look more professional as it won’t be so repetitive and boring.
  • He showed us how to use an adjustment layer. This is so every narrative shot we want to have an effect on, will have the adjustment layer added so the same effect will be on every shot that is below it. We decided this because we wanted it to impact the story. The narrative clips show a girl struggling with her self appearance, and showing her having a low-self expectation. It has undertones of sadness and we wanted it to be conveyed through the colour of the video.  This has helped with the editing of the video as we do not have to waste time on editing each and every clip, we want to have an effect on as we wanted to use the same effect on all of the narrative shots to give it an eerie, cold vibe and if we didn’t use an adjustment layer we would have to create that effect on all of the shots, and more likely than not they would not match as it is very hard to exactly replicate the exact same effect for every clip meaning there would be a loss of continuity throughout the video.

You can use multiple adjustment layers with different effects in them. This will really help to show the binary opposite of our music video as we will have a different effect on each clip. Narrative will be cold and blue based. The performance will be warm with a subtle orange undertone.




Feedback From Teacher.

For our draft 2 with narrative, our teacher gave us feedback to improve the video for the next draft. Unfortunately the premiere pro was faulty, so the video does not have any music. 

  • Get rid of shots with Ciaran playing the guitar as they are not effective to the video. 
  • Film and add in shots of Ciaran singing to add a closeness with the audience.
  • There are some shots of Mafalda outside and there are cars in the background which break the continuum of the video.
  • Have Ciaran in the white studio, to contrast Mafalda in the black studio. 
  • Mafalda drops an apple at 1:50 and the teacher wants to see a shot of the apple hitting the floor, perhaps in slow motion. 
  • Have Ciaran catching the apple that mafalda throws away to link the characters together. 
  • Possibly adds some split screens between Ciaran and Mafalda to link the two characters together.

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative.

Above is the most recent draft of our music video, which includes narrative. Overall I feel like this video is a good starting point for the the rest of the video. I think it is a good base to build upon, and work towards our goal of what we want our final video to look like. I don’t particularly like this draft as, I think this is plain and not what we want our final video to look like but it is a good base to build up to our final video.


What Went Well:

  • Shot difference– There is a good variety of shots in our video now, so we are able to build from our video up from here, we have a variety of angles, and different distances to add some interest to the video.
  • Fast paced edits– There is  rap in the song so we decided to speed up the editing to increase the pace of the video. The song is generally quite slow, whereas the theme of our narrative is frantic and frenzied so I am cutting to the constant strong bass to have a consistant cutting speed and when the bass speeds up so does the editing.

Even Better If:

  • Too different- I personally think there is too much difference between the narrative and the performance, I think liked the idea of a disjunctive narrative, but I think there is too much difference between the two.
  • More diversity- For the video I would like more diversity in the use of where the narrative and performance mix and so there is not just an expected performance, then narrative, then performance. So I need to vary the structure of where the clips go.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

For our narrative shoot we were going for a amplified narrative. It works with the lyrics with the song but in a amplified style of telling the story. The aim of our narrative is to show the thoughts of the main character. We want to show the effects of the words people hear in their heads when they look in the mirror at themselves. The shots I got from my narrative shoot show this but not as well as I wanted it to so we have planned a re-shoot for the narrative.

We were filming in our schools drama studio as it is a plain black room with professional lighting and spotlights, as these were the lights we wanted to use. That was a struggle as the actual room didn’t reach the level of darkness I wanted as you can still see some of the background behind the actor when we wanted it to look plain black. Then the spot light we wanted to use was a large spotlight, so we were unable to make the light just point into her face. However,  that was fine as in the end I liked how you could see her outfit, as it helps with the inter textual reference of the star playing the ‘snow white’ character.

What went well:

  • Found a good location for the shoot that worked very well so we know how to work with the lighting and the background to make the performer stand out, and show isolation of the character.
  • Worked with lots of different angles and framing and worked out with the idea, and what looked professional and what looked accidental.
  • It helped us to narrow down the type of shots we want to use and redo in our re-shoot.  
  • Found some coloured gels that worked well to add to the background and the theme of snow white.

Even Better If?

  • We had a wider range of shots completed in our first shoot that we are able, to use in our video.
  • We had a multitude of ideas that we could have our actor do that we can include in the variety of shots. (such as biting into an apple, close up of picking up an apple, close up of making up being smudged.)
  • Lots of different angles, different framing, movement shots. These will make the music video more visually pleasing and more interesting to watch. 

Below are some shots we have got.


Production Skills Evaluation 1

When editing my first draft I have learnt many different skills as I have been using premiere pro more so I understand it more. Some of the skills that I have learnt are :

  1. Dragging in video only– This is very useful as it makes editing so much easier. When you drag in the video only it is easier to line up where the lyrics are and you can match them up to the track you are trying to sync to, instead of having to hear two tracks and trying to work out if it is synced or not. Overall this skill has helped me to be more accurate with my lip syncing, and it takes me less time.
  2. Labeling and sorting my videos into bins– Doing this within premiere pro helps keep all of your videos and clips organised so you don’t have to riffle through your clips to find the one you want to include in your video. It allows you to dedicate more time to the actual editing of the music video to improve it.
  3. Adding an adjustment layer– This is a layer that you can include in your edit, this is very helpful as you can add an effect to this layer and all the clips that this layer is over will have that specific effect on them. The narrative will be positively impacted by this as having the adjustment layer, will show the coldness of the narrative and the difference between the performance. Having an adjustment layer saves a lot of time as you don’t  have to go over each clip and add that effect as each clip you may have a slight variation of that effect and so it will look different and will break the continuity of the video.
  4. Adding effects– This is a very useful skill as you can add so many different things to the clips to make them look very different and add interest to the clips, colour correction is very useful, especially if the lighting is not very good or you want to create a type of tension or theme, this impacts the genre as having the effects help aid the translation of the genre from the video to the audience. to add a cool theme to a clip of video having a blue overlay will help convey the coldness, and fear that is being portrayed in that clip.



What these skills help with:

  • Having a tidy, dashboard and organised helped me to keep on top of my work, it has also helped speed up the editing as I have labelled everything so I know what is on each clip, and the clips that are good to use are included in a folder so they are all kept together.
  • Using the video only of a clip is very helpful as I them only have one bit of audio and I can sync the singing in the clip with the singing of the song. This makes the lip syncing more accurate in the video.
  • An adjustment layer, is very handy as when I am editing a clip and I want to have the same effect on the clip as another instead of trying to match the effects with each clip you can just copy and paste the adjustment layer, so the effect will be the same for all the clips that are underneath that layer.