Technical Camera Terms

Technical Camera Terms

Within this task we had to take a variety of images with different camera angles. We went to different locations in order to outtake this task. Most of our images are set outside, this is because we felt that it created more of an atmosphere for the photos being created. The images had different:

  • emotions
  • Facial expressions
  • locations
  • focus’
  • lighting

We including all of the above in order to create a different story for each image. We used a variety of camera angles, including:

  • Low angle
  • Mid shot
  • Medium long shot
  • Long shot
  • High angle

In total we took 40 photos and gathered them together on to a contact sheet. Taking this many photos abled us to have a wider range to choose from. This would help us chose which one conveys the best imagery and pick out the ones with the best lighting and focus.

In a few of the pictures we focused the camera on the wire instead of the model. This gave the photo a different imagery to the others as it gave of more emotion and makes you think deeper in to the photo. This helped create a different story. Also in some of the photos we took them in action, this is so the photos looked more natural and as if it wasn’t planned.

To engage our target audience we used a variety of different terms. For example through Mis En Scene we used different emotions and facial expressions to keep the audience alert and look more in depth in to the photo. This influenced us to try to make every photo tell a different story.

My Image That Uses Mis-En-Scene for Meaning

My Image That Uses Mis-En-Scene for Meaning

I researched the conventional features within the genre punk. This mood board shows how an individual can be encoded by wearing a certain costume. Symbols can been seen by Mis En Scene:

  • facial expressions
  • hair
  • make-up
  • body language
  • gestures
  • props
  • setting

My Genre is usually represented by tattoos, piercings, metal stud and spiked accessories. Men of this genre tend to wear motorcycle jackets where as women tend to were coy sex kittens and wronged blue belts. They tend to have a mohawk hairstyle which is very important to them as they feel it expresses their freedom.

Later on we then dressed up our model in the imagery of a punk artist. Everyone else is in the class then made comments about our star. We had deliberately encoded punk conventions and hoped that the audience would decode him correctly and they did as the responses matched our genre. For example they said:

  • Rebellious
  • Anarchist
  • Punk
  • Dark
  • Anti-nationalistic

This further influenced us to do a photo shoot of our model.

A plain wall behind our model was ideal, this is because it will make the image a lot easier to photoshop. We took various different photos in order to pick the best one as shown below. Using various different camera angles we tried to get the make up, outfit and props all in. The camera angles included:

  • Close up- shows the facial expression of the character
  • Long shot- this creates more of background in the photo, which will come as an advantage when photoshopping .
  • Mid shot- this angle ables the body language to stand out

This photo stood out from all the rest, this is because . Our model is portrayed by crouching down, whilst pretending to play the guitar. His facial expression suggest that he is a hardcore and has a sense of viciousness. This photo could also be associated with violence as the make up looks quite somber and intimidating.

This image seems to work better than the others as the facial expression conveys the most affection, which suggest our model is more in character in the image. Also the camera angle makes the image a lot clearer to see, as you get a wider shot of the photo. This will make it easier to photoshop more Mis En Scene in to create a better imagery of our genre, punk.

In this image Mis En Scene helped convey the bigger picture of this photo, it suggest that everything has a meaning behind it. For example I could photoshop the lighting in this image to make a more turbulent atmosphere. Mis En scene also helped me understand that the way people dress/do their makeup is expressing how they feel and has a deeper meaning behind it than just an outfit. This will effect me when producing my own magazine as it has taught me the skills of capturing different angling shots and facial expressions through Mise En Scene. It also has taught me how costumes affects meaning portrayed by the audience.

Print media that communicates meaning

Print media that communicates meaning

In this task we had to analyse an artists cover. This shows how symbols such as fonts, colours, images and facial expressions all make different  meaning. For example all of the above can indicate signs such as the facial expression makes the album seem quite extraordinary and spicy. The term denotation is saying exactly what is and the term connotation suggests or implies something. E.g if there was someone in an army suit is denotes that they are from the army whereas it connotes that they have courage.This helps as it shows what you have to do in order to address your target audience. This will come into use when choosing the brand, image, font and colours in my own magazine.

I’m a Media Prosumer

I’m a Media Prosumer

Media is targeted at many different groups of people, therefore on the cover you need to have something that will apply and draw in your specific audience. Things to consider are that your target audience may interact with media for various different reasons. The Blumler and Katz theory believes media can be assigned into four categories such as entertainment, social interaction, personal identity or information. This means that you need to take in consider the different elements to attract as wide audience as possible. I hope to take in consideration all of these points in order to engage my audience.

So…Hello Media Studies

So…Hello Media Studies

What are you hoping to learn?

I am hoping to learn different technical terms from the work we are pursuing. I think that this will benefit me a lot as it would stretch my word vocabulary. I am also looking forward to learn about the content and effects of various media. This would be helpful as I would get more background information and have more knowledge about the topics.

What skills do you already have?

I am quite creative which will increase my knowledge of analysing magazine covers. Furthermore I also watch tv, use social media and read magazines which has given me a good basic knowledge. I also spend a far share of my time on social media which makes me understand what a teenager of my age likes, this will benefit me as it will help when targeting my audience. It also will help me conquer what colours, pictures and font to use and the most efficient way to use them to get my audiences attention.

What media skills do you hope to learn and what transferrable skills do you hope to acquire?

One of the skills I hope to learn is strategy planning, this is because it will help me understand how content and social media works together. It also will help me figure out my target audience and what is the best way to get there attention. Also this would make my time used as efficiently as possible as I would plan everything out. Another skill I would like to learn is how to understand how content works on social web. I think this would benefit me as it will then help me understand my blog more and hopefully increase the content of my work, as i would have a better understanding of how it all works. Lastly I would like to learn better writing skills in media studies, this is because then it will be able to analysis the magazine covers as i could get straight to the point. It also would help as I could then write engaging introductions which would stand out and hopefully draw the reader in.

All of these skills will be helpful throughout my life. As Strategy planning will help me numerous different occasions, for example if I wanted to go into marketing, it would help me organzine information, which would help me work adroitly as possible. Writing skills would help me in a work environment as it will help show that i have a good understanding of vocabulary and would also would help others communicate with me ideas easily. Also would help me have a good understanding of the english language.