Digipak Draft 3

Digipak Draft 3

Album in a case:

Above is our final draft of our Digipak. We printed it out and put it in a CD case to see what the product looks like more visually.

We did an optional answer questionnaire to see what people thought our album cover associated with and if they recognised our genre and the style we were going for. The tally charts shows how 10 people guessed the correct genre and 13 thought the album cover was best described as edgy. This shows that the star image is appropriate for our genre as the audience have been able to decode it. Stuart Hall’s theory helps to show that messages and values in media are decoded by the audience. If the audience is able to decode your text it means that your product has been successful. There are 3 ways of decoding text: preferred, negotiated or oppositional. From the data we have collected I can see that the audience have read the text preferred. Preferred reading is how the producer would like the audience to view the text.

Digipak Draft 2

Digipak Draft 2


What works well:

  • Great use of colour and palette that runs through the whole digipak
  • Good use of typography and interesting design, “simple but effective”
  • The text format on the back pane, raining down looks good, unconventional to a variety of different genres.

Targets for Improvement:

  • Work on the title of the album, possibly a drop shadow to make the title pop Make sure it makes sense regarding the roman numerals.
  • Use a bevel or embossing on the cover image to make it look less 2 dimensional
  • The photo fits with the theme of the digipak, although the picture is “irritating” and doesn’t quite feel right.
  • The text on the back pane needs to be legible, so this needs tweaking. Possibly font? Possibly background.
  • Create Spines.
Evaluate of Shoot

Evaluate of Shoot

What went well:

  • We used two different camera’s which created two different sets of photos. For example one of them was a 8mm disposable camera which made the photos more grainy which created a more vintage atmosphere.
  • We also had a good variety of locations which all included different colours and surroundings, which will be useful when creating our Digipak as we will have a wide range of photos to choose from.
  • The lighting was good on most of the photos and we used a mixture of flash on the images when there was low lighting.
  • We also got a good mixture of different lightings as we took the photos before sunset.
  • We also took around 350 photos which meant we had a wider range of photos to choose from.

What didn’t go well:

  • We only had one outfit, which was all black. I think we could have used more outfits which we different colours to make the photos stand out more.
  • Some of the images were under exposed which meant we were unable to use them as they were too dark.
  • Some of the images are quite blurry.


Contact Sheets

Contact Sheets

Above is around 350 photos that we took on our shoot for our Digipak. We decided to take a wide range of photos so that we had more to choose from when picking images for our didfipak. We took photos in about 9 different backdrops, this was to see what locations worked best with our genre and with the colours we want to use on the Digipak. Some of the photos turned out underexposed which made the photo create the wrong meaning e.g dark and gloomy oppose to bright and retro which is conventional to our alternative R&B genre.

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

The first sheet is our risk assessment sheet for the photos we are going to take for our didfipak. On the sheet we have highlighted all the potential risks that may put us at danger. The sheet helps us to make sure we are more aware and keep safe. The second sheet is our production meeting agenda sheet which includes everything we need to know for the shoot. It makes sure we are organised so that the shoot goes as efficiently as possible.

Digipak Collage and Handrawn mock up

Digipak Collage and Handrawn mock up

We got set a task where we had to make a collage using a wide range of materials. The sheet reflects on what we are aiming our Digipak to look like. It will help give us inspiration for the colours, theme etc for our Digipak. It also gives us a helpful guide of what we need to stick to, to make our Digipak conventional to our genre.

Above is a handrawn version of our digipak. The handrawn draft will help us have better idea of what we want to include on the front and back cover. It also gives us something to follow and get ideas from.

Digipak Moodboard

Digipak Moodboard

Above I have put together a mood board of all my ideas for my album cover. I have included fonts, colour palettes, locations, facial expressions, body language and angles that I would like to incorporate into my album cover. This task is going to become very useful when making my Digipak as it has all the Mise En Scene that I need to include for a typical alternative R&B fan to accept the Digipak.
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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Who is your Audience?

  • Males in their late teens to early twenties. This means that they are millennials (born between 1998 and 2002). Other artists they may appeal to are Frank Ocean, Nao, James Hype and Sigala. They tend to watch tv programmes such as Ex On The Beach. Brands that catch their eye are Ahmad Flogas Ebico.

A Call to Action

How do you want the audience to engage with your star / album

  • We want the audience to feel as of they have a connection with the artist on a personal level. This will be achievable by making our artist relatable. One way in which we have made our artist relatable is by having her wear hughstreet clothes. This makes her outfits affordable for the audience and will make them feel similar to the artist which will again create a sense of connection.

How will they invest time and money in your star / album

  • The audience will be able to invest money in to our star by paying money to see the artist in a concert. At the concerts the artist fans would be able to purchase merchandise. They could also invest money by downloading then artists songs off Spotify.

Who are the competition?

Name three similar bands / artists.

  • Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Disclosure

What are the trends in album designs of similar stars / bands?

All of the designs include the colour blue.

What does their website look like?

  • All include black and white
  • Bold writing
  • the images have a blue/green filter over them

Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

Is your star already established or are trying to establish a new presence in the market?

  • Our star is an up and coming fresh artist. She is already established within the alternative RnB genre in terms of convention, however with her fresh face and ideas she brings an unconventional flare to the tired genre.

What is your star image & how are you trying to innovate / develop that image?

Are you mixing up elements of different genres?

  • We are mixing up different genres as we are taking inspiration from a variety of genres such as jazz and hip hop. This is creating a sub genre revolving around are artist.

Are you trying to re-brand your star?

  • No because she is new to the music industry.

Are you emphasising the ordinary or extraordinary?

  • We are emphasizing the ordinary as we want our artists to be relatable to the audience. If the audience feel similar to the artist then they will feel as if they have a strong personal connection with the star. From learning about Dyer’s theory we found out that a star is both ordinary and extraordinary, therefore we have decided to keep some aspects of extraordinary whilst maintaining an ordinary narrative. 

Mission Statement:

Alaia is a ground-breaking new alternative artist taking the uk scene by storm, becoming one of the most popular underground artist of her generation. Bringing her sassy, energetic and fun-loving personality to the alternative scene from her home town of Shore-ditch. Her old school vibe is expressed through her retro and edgy clothing.

Digipak Conventions Analysis

Digipak Conventions Analysis

Above I have analysed an album cover of an artists who is the same genre as our artist for our music video. This album cover has helped me recognise what is conventional and unconventional for the alternative R&B genre.

All album covers have technical conventions such as the spine, album title, barcode etc this makes the album cover conventional. But within genre different elements are conventional for example on a pop album cover the star is always on the front this is to highlight how the main focus is on the artist.