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Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

Self Assessment

I think that we were able to construct a sequence well in chronological and coherent sequence, although the lip synchronization is slightly off it can be fixed which is why this is a rough edit, we had good use of cinematography including the camera angles and distances which we used to communicate meaning to the themes of the narrative such as the rule of thirds in which we made the actor stand to the far left of the frame to convey the fact that the actor is clearly feeling lonely and is isolated.

Targets for Improvement

  • Improve the synchronization of the lyrics.
  • Add effects to the shots, such as zooms and movements
  • Make the cuts in the sequence shorter

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This is a rough edit of our entire music video as a draft, this includes both the performance and the narrative performance.

Self Assessment

I think that we made a good sequence in terms of the editing on our video and did well in terms of making sure that the narrative and the performance worked together and didn’t feel awkward therefore giving off a nice strong presence of both, we also used a wide variety of different shots e.g. close ups, wide shots, etc.

Targets for Improvement

  • Clean up the narrative footage by re filming most of the parts
  • Add movements and zooms for performance on Premiere to make it visually appealing
  • Alter the colour and saturation of there video to reflect the tone of the song
  • Make the cuts quicker and try to link the cuts to the rhythm.

Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Let me start by saying that this shoot went excellent, although some things went wrong (not bringing lyrics for the performance) we still managed to shoot very well and made very good use of cinematography, the location which we chose was also excellent as we used framing effectively such as leading lines and frame within a frame. We also used rule of thirds as to communicate isolation.

Narrative Development

This is our slide show on the media concepts for a narrative story which includes a beginning middle and end, within this document we discuss the ideas that we wish to establish,  how the story will develop and how the overall theme resolves at the end.