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Digipak Collage and Hand Drawn Mock Up

Our Collage

Below is our collage which we did as a group, it includes design ideas we had about both the front and back of the digipak. We also used colours we thought could be appropriate to the music genre being alternative rock.

We will try to incorporate some of these design ideas onto our digipak designs for our upcoming drafts.

Music Video Draft 4

Draft 4

This is our fourth draft for our music video, we’ve added more effects, we’ve made some clips shorter than others, we’ve also added some footage that we didn’t use before and have overall patched up the video so that its more professional due to the better editing that was used in this draft.

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

We asked the Specsavers team on ways of which we could improve our music video through effects which can be applied and edited on Premier Pro, we asked about applying a sky replacement as we though we could add this in order to make the narrative make more sense (make it more look mystical and mysterious). We then tried this and it didn’t work as the video background was too busy so it didn’t look good at all.

They gave our group this particular advice for our future music video production:

  • Simple effects can be effective too
  • Try to make narrative sense on terms of order
  • Make the effects link by using them repeatedly
  • Colour correct clips to make colours pop more

They had also said that we needed to patch up our editing by making transitions smoother and certain clips shorter within the music video, overall they said the video was good but needed some work done in order to make it a great music video.

This is a video showing the ideal effect that we wanted to imitate with the sky replacement.

Music Video Draft 3

Music Video Draft 3

This is our draft 3 for our music video where we had acted upon draft 2 feedback as well as adding our own original ideas into the video.

YouTube Comments from Peers


Targets for improvement

  • Improve the narrative as can be confusing and random
  • Make text bigger for more effect
  • Add more narrative consistently
  • Add another glitch effect
  • Clip of rose to be slower to add more meaning
  • Narrative at 2:13 could have an effect to make it stand out
  • Performance at 0:57 is too bright
  • Black on the tooth slower or to not use it
  • Colour correct fruit to add more meaning
  • When lead singer stamps on floor include an effect

These targets will impact our next draft as it will make us edit the video further to ensure that the video fits the audience’s tastes as well as fixing any other editing errors that our peers have pointed out to us as to make a better edited video.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

What new design skills or production techniques have you learnt?

I have learnt how to cut the video in order to make it in time with the song for the music video, I have also learnt how to add effects into the video to add certain feeling associated with a specific genre. For example in our genre being indie rock we wouldn’t be using high contrast coloured filters and would instead aim for darker, less saturated colours. Also during production I have gotten better when it came to organising the shoots however this could do with improving. I also have a much better idea of where to place the camera, what angles to use, what mise-en-scene to use in scenes and addressing issues such as lighting.

What Went Well
  • Can cut a music video to the rhythm keeping lip sync
  • Add effects as to entice the audience and convey certain emotions associated with that point of the video
  • Lighting control
  • Good idea of Mise-en-scene

Even Better If

  • Organisation
  • Time Management
Screenshots of skills in action

Cut After

Premiere Pro Effects

Drag to video

Effect on the video

As you can see this specific effect made the video darker with more grey scaling and much less saturation and contrast, this kind of effect could possibly be used within our music video or in genre’s such as rock.

Feedback from teacher

Music Video Feedback


After we submitted our music video which included our narrative and performance we got feedback from our teacher via a screen recording through ScreenCastify, there were some things labelled as needing to improve/add to the video;

  • Include more intro or none with a point
  • Leave narrative for now
  • Make text bigger and consistent
  • Too much handheld shots, save for climax & shorten
  • Make edits clear – rearrange sequence
  • More shots which are in focus
  • Studio shots come first to introduce Nicole
  • Make lip syncing better in the edit
  • Vary shot cuts
  • Add close ups of band

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Draft 2  – Narrative + Performance Video

This is my first music video to have included narrative and performance which we decided to upload onto YouTube.

Self Assessment

I would say that although the video is edited with both narrative and performance it is okay, not as professional as I would’ve hoped so but there are areas of which to improve in, one of these things would be the lip syncing at certain points within the video where in future drafts we will have to fix so that the stars mouth is matching with what is being sung.

Another thing would be that so many of the shots within the video are handheld, and will need to be reserved for the high energy moments within the song instead of through the parts where it is calmer.

One more thing would also likely be the fact that it is hard to understand the story behind the video when the narrative playing. The narrative can’t be pieced with a mysterious girl properly throughout the video,  you can’t see her face either at any point and then it cuts to apple’s and cards. Not really relatable and therefore hard to understand the story behind it.

Targets for improvement
  • Make the editing better (cutting, lip syncing)
  • Too many handheld shots
  • Narrative hard to understand

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

This is my evaluation for our narrative shoot, where I take the positives and negatives from our narrative shoot. We decided to go to Saumarez Park where there is a manor with some building currently going on which we decided to use as well as a maze which made the location perfect.  Pictures are below from the shoot.


  • Variety of shot distances
  • Variety of shot techniques
  • Good quality shots
  • Good lighting
  • Good settings


  • Not well organised
  • Not well planned
  • Unsure as to whether the narrative will tell a story to the audience (it may)